Progressive factions shouldn’t distort meanings of Saints’ ‘abhang’ ! – Satish Kocharekar

From left – Shri. Satish Kocharekar, Shri. Deepak Pate, Shri. Satchidanand Shevade, Shri. Subhash Ware and Shri. Sharad Kadam and on top- is program host Sanjay Awate

Mumbai – Progressive factions are separating Lord Pandurang from the portrayal made by all Saints. They should not distort the meaning of Saints’ ‘abhangs (devotional songs)’ and say whatever they want. While talking about Saints’ teachings, they should first see if they were following that advice. Some people don’t believe in God; then why should they go for ‘waari’, without realizing its meaning ? Dr. Narendra Dabholkar had called idol-worshipping, pilgrimages, fasting etc as a mirage created by cunning people; then why are these progressive people entering ‘waari’, was the frank question asked by Shri. Satish Kocharekar of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti exposing sham of progressive factions, who are trying to show off their devotion. A debate was held on ‘SAAM’ TV channel on 24th June on the topic of ‘Why have progressive entered in waari ?’ Warkari Deepak Pate, national ‘Pravachankar’ Satchidanand Shevade, Samajwadi Party’s leader Subhash Ware, ‘Rashtra Seva Dal’s Sharad Kadam and Mukta Dabholkar of ANiS participated in the debate program.

Points raised by Shri. Satish Kocharekar

1. Are those people without any devotion; still going for ‘waari’, superior to others and are ‘Warkaris’ fools to join ‘waari’ with their intense devotion ? Don’t try to cover up falsehood of progressive factions and indulge in false propaganda. ‘Waari’ is of ‘Warkaris’; of their devotion. Devotion for Lord Pandurang is the core of ‘waari’; therefore, there is no place for atheists.

2. Progressive factions don’t believe in ‘Dnyan-Yoga’, ‘Bhakti-Yoga’ and ‘Karma-Yoga’ for worshipping God. Just joining the ‘waari’ and calling ownself as ‘Warkaris’, is hypocrisy. They first need to understand what ‘sadhana’ means before telling anyone anything.

3. One has to climb the step of ‘duality’ to understand about ‘non-duality’. Idol-worshipping helps in enhancing faith in God and connecting to God with inner mind. But those, who have no interest in knowing about spirituality, need not talk about ‘non-duality’.

4. Ritualistic worship is the core of Hindu Dharma. In all temples of Bharat, ‘puja’ of Deities is performed as per ritualistic worship, which cannot be denied.

National ‘Pravachakar’ Satchidanand Shevade exposes mendacity of progressive factions !

Shri. Satchidanand Shevade, national ‘Pravachankar’ said while exposing dishonesty of progressive factions, “Progressive factions, who have no ‘bhav’ for God but want God’s blessings; have half faith in Saints which is, in fact, their duplicity. Don’t talk about Tukaram Maharaj to suit your convenience. Study the meanings of Tukaram Maharaj’s ‘abhangs’ and his criticism on atheists.”

Program-host in favour of progressive factions

Sanjay Awate was giving ample time to Mukta Dabholkar and Subhash Ware to present their points whereas he gave very less time while ‘Hindutvavadis’ were refuting their points.

1. Shri. Satish Kocharekar asked Mukta Dabholkar whether she accepted the existence of Lord Pandurang. On this, program-host Awate shouted at Shri. Kocharekar and asked to switch off mike in front of Shri. Kocharekar.

2. Shri. Kocharekar asked names of Saints who had no devotion towards God or who have become Saints without taking God’s name. On this, program-host Awate changed the topic. Samajwadi leader Satish Ware was distorting the concept of ‘duality-non-duality’ as explained in ‘Bhakti-Yoga’ but accusing Satish Kocharekar and Satchidanand Shevade of talking about superficial meanings and this accusation he made time and again during the program. (Hindus are very well aware of such fake socialists  ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

Shri. Satish Kocharekar exposed falsehood of Mukta Dabholkar !

Shri. Kocharekar said, “Mukta Dabholkar is adamantly saying that God is the one whom she certified as God. While showing such obstinacy, is she going to accept existence of Lord Pandurang for whom Warkaris walk in ‘waari’ with so much devotion ?”

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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