Attempts to create communal disharmony through ‘Arambh Jalda hi’ show on Star Plus

  • Filming of so-called war between ‘Aryans’ and ‘Dravidians’
  • Devout Hindus and patriots should oppose in lawful manner

Mumbai : On ‘Star Plus’, a private Hindi channel, serial titled ‘Arambh Jalda hi’ is going to be telecast wherein war between ‘Aryans’ and ‘Dravidians’ has been shown. It is shown that Aryans came from other countries and they invaded and defeated the aborigines. During the decade of 1990, serials on cruel Tipu Sultan and Akbar were also telecast; glorifying them by depicting them as secular. Now through the serial ‘Arambh Jalda Hi’, attempts are made to create tension between North and South Indians.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat


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