Bangalore: Campaign on ‘SAVE KASHMIR SAVE THE NATION’ organised by BJP Karnataka

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Bangalore (Karnataka): Bharatiya Janata Party Karnataka Unit organised a public awareness campaign on ‘SAVE KASHMIR SAVE THE NATION’ in the Town Hall in Bangalore. The Mayor of Bangalore Mr. S. K. Nataraj, Transport Minister Mr. R. Ashok, MLA Mr. Vijayakumar, Mr. Gopinath Reddy and BJP National Vice President Mr. Mukthar Ahmed Naquvi were present.

This was the first programme related to this issue and a series of such programmes would be held in all the districts. Mr. Mukthar Ahmed Naquvi the main speaker in the event told “BJP is the only National party which has taken upon itself to take the issue haunting Kashmir to the entire Nation at large. It was very unfortunate that the Home Minister took part in a meeting of Separatist Forces where a fatwa against singing of our National song Vande Mataram was made. This kind of attitude has sown the seeds of terrorism all over the country. As against this all the meetings by the BJP including today’s were commenced with singing of the ‘Vande Mataram’ with due respect and honour".

UPA Government can see only Saffron terrorism

While ignoring serious issues bothering the nation like terrorism, naxalism, Maoism or the activities of Al Quaeda, Jamatud Dawa, etc. the Home Minister has started highlighting on the nonexistent Saffron Terrorism. He is trying to mislead the Nation by putting on the spectacles of Pseudo Secularism. It is the duty of every Nationalist to wear Saffron dress and come to the streets and show whether it is Nationalism or Saffron terrorism. Only then will the Congress leaders understand the seriousness of the blunder made by the Home Minister.

Thousands of Freedom fighters have sacrificed their lives for the cause of Kashmir. But today there is a parallel Government run by the separatists and the Congress Government. National Advisory Council filled with supporters of Maoist and separatist forces “Mrs. Sonia Gandhi has been unanimously elected as President of the Congress and the central Government functions as per her advice. The National Advisory council has a large number of members having leaning towards Maoist and Separatist forces. Two of them have been arrested and one of them is Mr. Pasha. What can such advisory committees achieve for the countries well being” he questioned.

Congress and UPA leaders directly supporting Maoist and separatist forces

“The present government has been totally unsuccessful in tackling naxalism, Maoism and these forces are equally dangerous as the terrorist forces. The amount of money supporting such forces is not imaginable. Our armed forces are laying down their lives. Irrespective of our religion or faith we have to unite for the cause of the Nation. But unfortunately we find leaders in the Congress and the UPA who support the Maoist, the Naxalite or the separatist forces. They are least interested in supporting the Nationalist forces. That is why they are just able to see Saffron Terrorism. I would have been arrested here for wearing the saffron uniform, had Mr. Yeddyurappa , BJP Chief Minister, not ruled the State today.”

He added “Such attitude of the Congress has to be destroyed. 6 years back when the BJP was ruling there was no base of the terrorist organizations like Al Quaeda, Jamat ul Dawa etc. But now they have not only spread their tentacles all over the country but also have their main head quarters here. This is because they have found it very easy due to the Congress rule. In the last 6 years there have been 14000 terrorist attacks, but unfortunately the Congress Government has not punished a single terrorist. Considering these aspects, and to safeguard national Integrity and security, the BJP has decided to give top priority for this issue irrespective of differences on other issues".

The Transport Minister Mr. R. Ashok said that the Bharatiya Yuva Morcha will be organising a National Security March in all the districts of the country from the 5th to 12th of October this year and the message has to reach each and every house. He concluded by telling that we will work towards removing the Congress party which works for selfish motive and for vote bank by sacrificing the national interests and pride.


  1. Mr. Mukthar Ahmed Naquvi not only participated in singing Vande Mataram with other dignitaries but also started his lecture with Vande Mataram.
  2. Many of the MPs, MLAs and other functionaries of BJP took the benefit of the FACT exhibition organized by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. The members were also invited to host the exhibition during the future meetings.
  3. A CD show was arranged on the topic ‘Save Kashmir’. The CD depicted the atrocities on the Kashmiri pundits and the terrorist activities going on there presently. Also the area occupied by China was shown.
  4. At the end of his lecture Mr Naquvi told a poem on Nationalism and for showing the Congress the door. In spite of being a Muslim he reminded one to take a leaf from Arjuna and Lord Hanuman to destroy the demonic designs of the Congress. Some of the phrases – ‘Someday Mahabharath will be repeated, Someday Lanka will be burnt.’ The call is for one among us to become Hanuman and another Arjun. Kindly remove the Divine Nectar (giving Immortality) from the ocean of Nationalism. Drink this nectar and remove the Demons who are destroying the Bharat Rashtra.

Source: Our Correspondent

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