Unmarried couple stoned to death in Mali for breaking ‘Islamic law’

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An unmarried couple has been stoned to death by jihadis in Mali as groups linked to al-Qaeda intensify a bloody campaign to establish an Islamic state.

An official said local residents in Taghlit, Kidal region, were invited to take part in the public punishment for allegedly violating “Islamic law”.

“The Islamists dug two holes where they put the man and the woman who lived maritally without being married,” he told AFP. “They were stoned to death.

“Four people threw stones at them until they died.”

Tuesday’s execution is the first reported stoning in the west African nation since France launched an intervention to drive Islamists and separatist Tuareg rebels back from northern regions in 2013.

It came shortly before France’s new President Emmanuel Macron visits Mali on his first foreign tour, where he is due to meet French troops fighting insurgents throughout lawless swathes of desert in the north.

Members of al-Qaeda affiliate Ansar Dine previously stoned a couple accused of having children outside of marriage to death in nearby Aguelhok in July 2012.

Source : The Independent UK


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