More than 1500 Hindus participate in ‘Hindu Ekata Dindi’ at Pune

Huge ‘Hindu Ekata Dindi’ taken out in Pune awakening valour on the occasion of 75th birthday of ‘Paratpar GuruShri Shri Jayant Balaji Athavale !

  • *Spontaneous response to ‘Hindu Rashtra Jagruti Abhiyan’ from all over Bharat !
  • *Pune resonated with slogan – ‘Ek cha Lakshya – Ek cha Dhyeya – Hindu Rashtra Hindu Rashtra’

Pune : On the occasion of 75th birthday (Amrut Mahotsav) of ‘Paratpar Guru’ Dr. Jayant Athavale, the founder of Sanatan Sanstha and inspiration behind Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS), various drives have been planned under ‘Hindu Rashtra-jagruti Abhiyan (Abhiyan)’ and as a part of this ‘Abhiyan’, on 14th May, huge ‘Hindu Ekata Dindi’ was taken out generating valour amongst people. ‘Hindutvavadis’ forgetting their parties and posts, spiritual organizations, different Sects, Sanatan Prabhat’s readers, well wishers, Sanatan seekers, HJS volunteers were among 1500 people joining this ‘dindi’; raising slogans of ‘Ek cha Lakshya, Ek cha Dhyeya, Hindu Rashtra Hindu Rashtra !’. The whole area resonated with the slogans and it was shower of ‘chaitanya’ in Pune, invoking ‘Dharma-prem’ in everyone. The ‘dindi’ was started from Shri Ganapati Mandir at Sarasbaug; going via Bajirao Road, it was concluded at Shri Kasba Ganapti Mandir.


1. Sanatan’s Satguru (Kum) Swati Khadye and ‘Pujya’ (Smt) Nirmala Date graced the ‘dindi’ with their presence. The ‘dindi’ was started in a very enthusiastic manner by blowing of conch by Shri. Vijay Chaudhari of HJS. Demos of outdoor games played during the period of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, squads of Ranaragini’ and ‘Dharmaveer’ and squad of ‘lazim’ players generated ‘Veer-ras’ in the atmosphere.

2. ‘Brahma-Tej’ was emanating through the ‘Dharma-dhvaj’ carried in front of the ‘dindi’, presence of Saints, chanting the name of Shriram and participation by spiritual organizations.

3. Everyone was feeling lot of gratitude looking at the ‘float’ with big pictures of ‘Paratpar Guru’ Dr. Athavale that emitted ‘chaitanya’ and bliss.

4. At few places en route, readers of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ and well-wishers welcomed the ‘dindi’ and showered flowers as mark of gratitude. It was a glimpse of ‘dindis’ which would be taken out at the time of establishment of Hindu Rashtra.

5. There was a squad depicting disaster management through first-aid, in the ‘dindi’ and participation of many pro-Hindu organizations exhibited expansive ‘Hindutva’.

Child-seekers depicting history of great national leaders and spreading their thoughts

Few child-seekers, in the attire of our great national leaders such as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj, ‘thorale (senior)’ Bajirao Peshave, Jhansi Rani Lakshmibai, Lokmanya Tilak and Swatantryaveer Savarkar etc, joined the ‘dindi’ to depict history of our great national leaders. There were child-seekers in the ‘dindi’ carrying banner of ‘Future generation of Hindu Rashtra’ and among them were, children who have taken birth on earth now from higher ‘lokas’. These child-seekers made fervent speeches expressing thoughts of our great national leaders on the present condition and made people ponder over their thinking.

Huge response to demos on ‘lathi-kathi’, use of swords and ‘dandpatta’ !

‘Mawlas’ from ‘Trimbakeshwar Pratishthan’, in the age group of 4 to 40 years, presented demos on ‘lathi-kathi’, use of swords and ‘dandpatta’ which were well received by the ‘jidnyasus’ and passersby. Many people were watching the demos from both the sides of roads and some were watching from their terraces, windows of buses etc. Many people video-recorded the breathtaking demos through their cell phones. Demos of ancient games presented in the beginning of the ‘dindi’ were also watched by many people with lot of curiosity. Small children watching the demos felt that they should learn such skills.

Participating organizations

‘Shri Shivapratishthan Hindustan’, ‘Shiva-vandana Sangh’, , ‘Yoga Vedanta Seva Samiti’, ‘Parashuram Seva Sangh’, ‘Shiva-Gouraksha Samiti’, ‘Gaud Brahmin Sangh’, ‘Purohit Sangh’, Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

1. Shri. Hanumant Ambawadikar and Sou. Sadhana Ambawadikar first performed ‘puja’ of ‘Dharma-dhvaj’ supervised and guided by Shri. Vishwas Naik, a ‘Purohit’; who has attained 65 % spiritual level.

2. Shri. Mukund Misal, a Hindutvavadi blew conch and broke a coconut. Shri. Vijay Gawade and Sou. Suhasini Gawade from ‘Gargi Foudnation’, Shri. Hanumant and Sou. Sadhana Ambawadikar and Shri. Deepak Agawane who has attained 61% spiritual level made intense prayers at Shri Ganesh Mandir in Sarasbaug.

3. Shri Ganesh’s ‘shloka’ was recited while starting the ‘dindi’. Demos of ‘lathi-kathi’ and ‘nan-chaku’ were also presented in the ‘dindi’.

Showering of flowers on ‘dindi’ at various places

A. Shri. Bhalchandra Sadashiv Bhide, a reader of ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’ from Madiwale Colony in Sadashiv Peth, Shri. Ramesh Bengrut and Sou. Kalpana Bengrut showerd flowers on ‘Dharma-dhvaj’.

B. Shri. Pramod Kondhare, the President of ‘Natu baug Mitra Mandal’ on Bajirao Road along with his activists welcomed the ‘dindi’ and showered flowers. They had displayed a board to welcome the ‘dindi’. They also made an announcement on mike welcoming the ‘dindi’

C. At Shanipar Chowk, Shiv Sena Dy. city-Chief and former city-Chief of Bajarang Dal Shri. Sharad Ganjiwale and Sou. Ganjiwale did ‘aukshan’ of ‘Dharma-dhvaj’ and showered flowers.

D. Shri. Santosh Nagarkar of ‘Shripad Idli Centre’ and Shri. Mansingh Patole, of ‘Navagraha Mitra Mandal’, along with their wife, showered flowers on ‘Dharma-dhvaj’.

E. Shri. Sudhir Dakhave of ‘Janardan Pavale Sangh’ showered flowers on ‘Dharma-dhvaj’ as the ‘dindi’ came near Shri. Kasba Ganapati Mandir.

The ‘dindi’ was concluded in a small ‘Dharmasabha’ and ‘Hindutvavadi’ addressed the participants.

Inspiring guidance spreading ‘chaitanya’

Let us join the invaluable mission of establishment of Hindu Rashtra ! –Parag Gokhale, HJS

P.P. Dr. Athavale had said in 1998 that Hindu Rashtra would be established in 2023. Swatantryaveer Savarkar held Hindu Convention for uniting all pro-Hindu organizations. Similarly, P.P. Dr. has organized ‘Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Adhiveshan’. He is the ‘Yugapurush’. Many souls from ‘Maharloka’, Swargaloka’ etc are eagerly waiting to get birth on this Earth so that they could join the mission of establishment of Hindu Rashtra. Let us also devote at least one hour every day and participate in the mission of establishment of Hindu Rashtra.

‘Gold throne’ is the symbol of Hindus’ self-pride and identity ! – Parashar Mone, Shri Shivapratishthan Hindustan 

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj defeated the then Islamic rulers and established ‘Hindavi Swaraj’. He later, ran ‘Hindavi Swaraj’ sitting on that throne. He was ‘Shrimant Yogi’. His gold throne is a symbol of Hindus’ self-pride and identity. With the same goal, ‘Pujya’ Sambhaji Bhide guruji will be enthroning Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj on Raigad on the 32 ton gold ‘simhasan’.

There is need to awaken self-respect and valour in society ! – Pravin Naik, Sanatan Sanstha

There is anarchy in the country now and attacks in the form of love jihad, conversions etc are faced by Hindu Dharma. There is only solution to all problems and that is establishment of Hindu Rashtra. All followers of Hindu Dharma should forget their castes, creed, party, post and come together as ‘Hindus’. There is need to awaken self-respect and valour in society. Join the mission of Hindu Rashtra offering your body, mind, money and even life, if need be.

‘Hindutvavadis’ take oath of establishment of Hindu Rashtra

Shri. Abhijit Deshmukh of HJS, who has attained 63% spiritual level, gave oath of establishment of Hindu Rashtra to the participants while concluding the ‘dindi’. The oath was – ‘O Shrikrushna, we are taking oath that we shall follow the path as guided by ‘Paratpar Guru’ Dr. Athavale ! We shall become ‘mawlas’ of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj for establishment of Hindu Rashtra ! We shall go on the ideal path created by Prabhu Shriramchandra, Bhagavan Shrikrushna and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. We shall take due pride in the traditions started by our great ancestors like sages and seers. We shall meticulously follow teachings of our Holy Scriptures, culture, traditions ! We shall protect our Dharma, temples, cows and women, with all our might ! Henceforth, Hindu Rashtra as conceptualized by ‘Paratpar Guru’ Dr. Athavale will be our goal and we shall work on achieving that goal till our last breath ! We shall not now sit quietly till Hindu Rashtra is established ! The oath was concluded with the ‘Dhyeya-mantra’ and ‘Prerana-mantra’. The only slogan raised after the oath ‘Eka cha Lakshya and that is Hindu Rashtra !’

‘Hindutvavdis’ make intense prayers to Shri Siddhivinayak Ganapati and Shri Kasba Ganapati

Intense prayers made to Shri Siddhivinayak Ganapati and Shri Kasba Ganapati – ‘O Shri Ganesh, let all obstacles and problems in the ‘Dharmakarya’ of establishment of Hindu Rashtra be removed; let Hindu Rashtra as expected by ‘Paratpar Guru’ Dr. Athavale be established at the earliest, is the prayer made at your holy feet with total surrender ! Ganapati Bappa Morya !!’

‘Maha-aarti’of Navagraha Mitra Mandal performed by Satguru (Kum) Swati Khadye

After the conclusion of ‘dindi’, Satguru (Kum) Swati Khadye performed ‘Maha-aarti’ at ‘Navagraha Mitra Mandal’s Shri Ganesh. Women members of the ‘Mandal’ presented a picture-frame of Shri Ganapati. Shri. Mansingh Patole, the President of the ‘Mandal’ was present on the occasion, along with other office bearers.


1. Sou. Patole, a member of ‘Navagraha Mitra Mandal’ distributed water bottles to devout Hindus participating in the ‘dindi’.

2. ‘Pujyapad Sant-shri Asaramji bapu Sadhak Parivar’ distributed cold drinks.

3. Saffron turbans and saffron flags had ‘saffronizing’ effect on the atmosphere.

4. A devout Hindu woman with fractured hand and a woman with her infant participated in the ‘dindi’.

5. More than 10 members of ‘Shiva-vandana Group’ took active part in organization and preparations for the ‘dindi’.


There is feeling of surety about establishment of Hindu Rashtra ! – Hanumant Ambawadikar

“The activities undertaken under the guidance of P. P. Dr. are necessary for Hindu Rashtra. This ‘dindi’ is the first step towards Hindu Rashtra. Now, I feel certain about establishment of Hindu Rashtra. I got the opportunity of performing ‘Dharma-dhvaj-pujan’ only with the grace of P.P. Dr. It invoked ‘bhav’ in me.”

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