Determined to make the world Christian, TV Channel GOD TV’s aggressive publicity campaign.

GOD TV is a television channel propagating Christianity. A programme of this channel came to be seen lately. In this programme a Christian preacher appealed to the viewers to donate for spreading Christianity. The very aim of the programme was getting donations for spreading Christianity. The slogan read, “If you donate us 50 dollars we will reach 500 houses. If you donate 100 dollars we will reach 1000 houses”. The preacher was presenting the whole subject with great aggression and enthusiasm. His eyes were sparkling as he spoke and people listened intently to his words. He was sweating profusely as he spoke with complete dedication and yet he felt nothing about it. Behind the person, sat a team with a set of Computers and Laptops. It was evident that a technologically well-equipped machinery was in place for this programme.

Throughout the programme, he stressed on donations for spreading GOD TV Christianity. He explained why this was essential and important by mentioning several verses from the Bible and the words of Jesus. He mentioned, “Jesus has given his life for you, you can definitely give a few dollars for God”. He also mentioned that Jesus had promised his devotees 100 in return for a single sacrifice. With the help of collected wealth, GOD TV projectors would be installed at several places in the world. No body can oppose such projectors. Even in Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc, where it is difficult to spread Christianity by sending missionaries, technology will make it easier to spread religion. Throughout the explanation he was using words like “Penetrate”, “Victory” and “defeat” which are indicative of aggression. Using numerical figures and analysis, he showed a map of the world and the plan of GOD TV’s spread in various parts. Using the map, he also showed how a simple donation of a few dollars would bring a certain region of the world under Christianity. He said, “If the targetted wealth is accumulated, GOD TV which has reached 1 crore homes so far, would soon reach 10 crore homes “. He did not forget to mention that in countries like India and Africa, one home or one family means 5-6 people.

He also mentioned one point specifically pertaining to India. He said, “Your 1000 dollars means, GOD TV and Christianity in 10,000 Indian homes. In India TV is watched mainly by middle class families, which are the core of the Nation. If this class of people come under the influence of Christianity, the nation as a whole will come under the influence of Christianity and finally the whole world will come under Christian influence and rule.”
He also urged people to donate promptly.

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