Signature Campaign : Ban the ‘Popular Front of India’ (PFI) and SDPI involved in anti-national activities !

On August 11, 2020, Karnataka’s capital city Bengaluru burned with one of the worst riots the city has ever witnessed. Investigating agencies have unearthed the role of Popular Front of India’s (PFI) political arm, the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) in these riots. Karnataka Minister Shri. K S Eshwarappa has termed the SDPI an antinational organization and said that they will be looking at banning it.

Recently the country also witnessed violent anti-CAA protests. One such example would be from Uttar Pradesh, where PFI cadres are active in the Sambhal, Muzzafarnagar, Lucknow and Shamali districts. The UP Police have arrested 108 activists of PFI for their role in instigating these protests and also causing widespread damage. 5 people were arrested from Bijnor recently for having instigated and funded the Shaheenbagh protests and inciting the protesters. The activists of PFI have been caught with incriminating evidence of fomenting unrest among people against the Citizenship Amendment Act and the National Register of Citizens campaign. The government of Uttar Pradesh has taken serious note of PFI’s unlawful activities and recommended that the Central Government ban PFI.

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Popular Front of India (PFI) is an Islamic fundamentalist organization which was founded in 2006. Investigating agencies have shown that terrorists of the banned terrorist group SIMI have been active in recruiting and training the PFI cadre. The National Investigating Agency (NIA) has proof that PFI cadre in Kerala are working for the Islamic State (ISIS) and also actively indulging in ‘Love Jihad’ (luring and forcibly converting non-Muslim girls). In 2010, activists of PFI had chopped off Prof. T J Joseph’s hand for allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad. Numerous activists of PFI are accused in the ghastly murders of members of the BJP, the Sangh parivaar and other Hindu social workers.

The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Act, 2008 consists of a clear definition of a terrorist organization. “Whoever does any act with intent to threaten or likely to threaten the unity, integrity, security or sovereignty of India or with intent to strike terror or likely to strike terror in the people or any section of the people in India or in any foreign country

(a) by using bombs, dynamite or other explosive substances or inflammable substances or firearms or other lethal weapons or poisonous or noxious gases or other chemicals or by any other substances (whether biological radioactive, nuclear or otherwise) of a hazardous nature or by any other means of whatever nature to cause or likely to cause—

(i) death of, or injuries to, any person or persons; or

(ii) loss of, or damage to, or destruction of, property; or

(iii) disruption of any supplies or services essential to the life of the community in India or in any foreign country; or

(iv) damage or destruction of any property in India or in a foreign country used or intended to be used for the defence of India or in connection with any other purposes of the Government of India, any State Government or any of their agencies; or

(b) overawes by means of criminal force or the show of criminal force or attempts to do so or causes death of any public functionary or attempts to cause death of any public functionary; or

(c) detains, kidnaps or abducts any person and threatens to kill or injure such person or does any other act in order to compel the Government of India, any State Government or the Government of a foreign country or any other person to do or abstain from doing any act, commits a terrorist act.”

The aforementioned activities of the Popular Front of India (PFI) and its affiliates like the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) clearly check multiple boxes in the definition of a terrorist organization under the UAPA (2008). Jihadi elements are rapidly spreading and implementing their anti-national propaganda through organizations like the PFI. If this progress is not checked, then it is only a matter of time before the entire country sees a rise in jihadi terrorist activities. Hence this is a sincere request to you to sign the petition and request for implementing a ban on PFI and its affiliates in the interests of the nation and preserving democracy.


Deadly ‘Popular Front of India (PFI)’  and the need to Ban it !

There have been violent protests against Citizenship Amendment Act all over the country including at Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bengal and Assam. Protesters are resorting to stone-pelting, arson, damaging public properties, brutal attacks on police, using petrol bombs etc on large scale. Common man is therefore, naturally wondering as to why there should be so much violence and that too in systematic manner, for the Bill that has been passed in Parliament and who are behind such violence. Answers to these questions are slowly coming forth. Intelligence Department has submitted a report to Home Ministry about involvement of banned fanatics’ organization viz. ‘Islamic Students’ Movement of India (SIMI)’ and ‘Popular Front of India (PFI)’ which is active in southern parts of India. Ban has been imposed on SIMI for the last few years; but its roots are still found all over the country including Marathwada in Maharashtra. It shows that roots of fanatics’ anti-national organizations should be uprooted on permanent basis while imposing ban on them and that is what the present Government is trying to do. Now the issue regarding PFI still remains ! PFI is an organization which is clandestinely associated with Communist Party of India (Marxists). Anti-national activities of PFI are increasing since past few years and there is need to put curb on them in systematic manner. Need for having control over PFI would be clear from the violence created by fanatics against Citizenship Amendment Act.

Roots of PFI !

SIMI has started restructuring this organization after Union Government imposed ban on them. It has started coming together for its anti-national activities under the banner of PFI which is active in southern parts of India. It is said that PFI has assured support to SIMI. Recently, a news channel had carried out ‘sting’ operation of PFI. It was realized during that operation from anti-national activities of PFI that it had plans to convert Hindus on large scale and make India (and consequently the world) as an Islamic country. This task is being speedily done by PFI’s organization named ‘Satyasarini’. ‘Satyasarini’ has converted thousands of Hindus so far either by force or through baits. Though they have officially declared converting 5000 Hindus so far, the actual number could be much more. When a person is sent to this organization, he is given guidance or ‘brain-washed’ and shown video-clips of incidents of so-called oppression of Muslims. National Investigating Agency (NIA) has found about activities of ‘Satyasarini’ and PFI while investing the case of ‘love jihad’ related to a girl named Hadia in Kerala. These aggrieved persons were sent for two months training on religion, to ‘Satyasarini Islamic Adhyayan Centre’. NIA investigated 11 cases of ‘love jihad’ when in 9 cases, part of ‘Satyasarini’ organization known as ‘Marakaz Hidaya Dawa Institute’ was involved. It was observed that they were sent for two-month training program at ‘Satyasarini Islamic Adhyayan Centre’. Among the 3 issues investigated by NIA related to ‘love jihad’ in Kerala, 13 persons have been taken into custody who are all either activists or supporters of PFI. Here, one may think from where they got money for such activities. It was found during NIA-investigations that they were provided funds by gulf countries.

Ban has to be imposed on PFI !

PFI’s fanatics have killed 15 activists of RSS in Karnataka and 17 RSS activists in Kerala during last few years. NIA had claimed that PFI was involved even in murder of Rudresh of RSS from Bengaluru. No action has been taken by either Karnataka police or Kerala police against absconding accused in those murder cases. Moreover, the Communist Government in Kerala and the then Congress Government of Karnataka have always assured safe haven to the accused. In few cases in Karnataka, police carried out some arrests just to show that action was being taken under a stringent Act like ‘Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA)’; but the relevant clause was surprisingly excluded while filing charge sheet against them; therefore, all accused were granted bail by the Court. It shows double-standard of Congress Rulers and it is dangerous for the security of this country. It also shows anti-nationalism of Congress Party. Jharkhand Government has filed a case against PFI for ‘money-laundering’ on the basis of financing terrorist activities. Jharkhand Government has imposed ban on PFI under ‘Criminal law Amendment Act’. Participation of SIMI and PFI in the current incidents of violence is quite worrisome. The facts of the situation should be brought forth before people by media; but they are keeping mum over activities of PFI and politics played behind the scene. Union Home Ministry needs to just impose ban on PFI, considering its involvement in anti-national activities !

Twitter trends #BanPFI in support of UP Govt’s move to ban the radical organisation

Recently Uttar Pradesh police had written to the Union ministry of home affairs asking it to ban the Popular Front of India (PFI) after it arrested 25 members of the outfit for their alleged involvement in propagating riots across the state against the amended citizenship law, UP DGP OP Singh told ET.

On the day the Uttar Pradesh government asked the central government to ban Islamist organisation Popular Front of India (PFI), Union law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said PFI may have played a part in violence surrounding some protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and that the Union home ministry will decide on the action to be taken against the organisation “based on evidence”.

In relation to these developments and scars of violent of anti-CAA protests, nationalists on Twitter demanded immediate ban of PFI using hashtag #BanPFI

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UP, Karnataka and Assam seeks ban on PFI for Anti-CAA violence

Assam govt to write to Centre to ban PFI: Himanta Biswa Sarma

Assam finance minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that government will write to centre to ban Popular Front of India (PFI) as outlawed organisation. Assam police is investigating the role of PFI in the anti Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) violent protest on December 10 and 11.

Earlier Sarma has alleged role of PFI and students wing – the Campus Front of India (CFI) for violence outside state Secretariat. “Ever since we crackdown on PFI violent protest ceased. Our police have got electronic evidences of PFI involvement and we have given it to the Central Forensic Laboratory in Guwahati for analysis.” He added, “PFI claims that it’s a democratic organisation however the people in this organization talk in code language. We have evidences that they were using codes. This is very doubtful. Experts are trying to decode the language.”

He further added that once the forensic report of the electronic evidences is received and if there is something incriminating government will immediately urge for banning the organisation. Earlier PFI’s state President Aminul Islam and publicity incharge Mohhamad Muzamil Haque were arrested in connection with a case in Rangia.

UP seeks ban on PFI for Anti-CAA violence

As per ET report, Uttar Pradesh police has written to the Union ministry of home affairs asking it to ban the Popular Front of India (PFI) after it arrested 25 members of the outfit for their alleged involvement in propagating riots across the state against the amended citizenship law, UP DGP OP Singh told ET.

“We are writing to the government of India asking it to ban the outfit,” Singh said in a response to ET’s query.

Last week, the state police arrested three members of the organisation from Lucknow, including the state head of the outfit Wasim, 18 from Shamli and 4 from Meerut.

The police had found materials such as banners, flags and pamphlets. According to the police, the strategy was to call a large number of people for the protests for which groups were made on social media websites and photos and videos were shared to incite people against the CAA as well as the NRC.

“It was especially, the Popular Front of India (PFI) which was behind all the damage done to property, arson and anarchy in state. Such organisations will not be allowed to flourish, they will be banned,” a new agency has reported deputy CM of UP Keshav Prasad Maurya as saying.

On the day the Uttar Pradesh government asked the central government to ban Islamist organisation Popular Front of India (PFI), Union law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said PFI may have played a part in violence surrounding some protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and that the Union home ministry will decide on the action to be taken against the organisation “based on evidence”.

Karnataka BJP Says Govt considering ban on PFI, SDPI

Links of Popular Front of India (PFI) and Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) activists have emerged to the violence that broke out in Mangaluru on December 19, and sources have told Republic TV that the Mangaluru police are closely looking at the role of the Kerala unit of both these organizations. As per sources in the Mangaluru police, from spreading misinformation by forwarding texts to inflame students to the planning of violence even when section 144 was imposed, the planning and execution were allegedly led by Kerala wing of PFI and SDPI.

BJP demands ban on these outfits

The BJP has renewed its demand for a ban on both the organisations with state president Nalin Kumar Kateel taking the lead. Kateel recently commented that there is a clear role of PFI in the rampage. Kateel said that “normal, ordinary” protesters do not plan a “Kashmir-style attack” on our forces and that the attack captured in CCTV footage should be treated as evidence of deliberate incitement of the police.

Watch Dr. Subramanian Swamy ji speaking about ban on PFI

Other recent anti-national activities of PFI

Popular Front of India (PFI) supplied monetary help the terrorists through Nepal

150 members of radical Islamist outfit PFI entered Delhi, hid in Jamia area 2 days before anti-CAA riots: Police on Jamia Millia Islamia riots

UP Police arrest 3 PFI members for masterminding violence during Anti-CAA protests