Arogya Sahayya Samiti – Activity of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

To provide medical aid to the needy & eliminate malpractices in the medical field

1. Source of Inspiration and Establishment

Arogya Sahayya Samiti is an association of patriotic and devout Hindu Doctors, Vaidyas, Paramedical staff etc. This was established in June 2018 during the ‘All India Hindu Convention’ taking inspiration from Paratpar Guru (Dr) Jayant Athavale – the initiator of the process of establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’. Those in the medical field now have a golden opportunity to serve the Nation & Dharma, which is a superior form of samashti sadhana.

2. Objective of establishing the Arogya Sahayya Samiti

  • Providing immediate medical aid to the needy and victims of life-threatening calamities such as a war, floods, etc.
  • Creating awakening among the people and taking legal recourse against malpractices in the medical field
  • Making individuals in the medical field actively participate in meeting the abovementioned objectives

3. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s emergency aid

A stampede during the Nashik Kumbha Mela (Year 2003) : HJS volunteers were among the first to provide First-aid to the victims, taking the victims to hospitals, providing psychological support, etc.

Torrential floods in Uttarakhand (Year 2013) : HJS volunteers trekked 25-40 kms to provide essential commodities to the victims in cut off villages, made arrangements for their relocation, cleared landslides, provided psychological support to the victims.

Earthquake in Nepal (Year 2015) : HJS volunteers performed tasks such as providing the victims life sustaining commodities, clearing the debris of collapsed houses, putting up tents for them, cleaning
their place of accommodation, providing psychological support to the victims, etc.

4. Stop malpractices in the medical field

Some examples of malpractices in the medical field

  • Doctors who send their patients to other doctors so as to earn a ‘cut’
  • Doctors and hospitals not treating patients who need emergency care until they deposit the necessary amount
  • Doctors and hospitals forcing patients to opt for expensive medicines and equipment instead of cheaper ones
  • Doctors and hospitals that earn money by selling used syringes, catheters, etc. to patients, thus endangering their lives
  • Doctors & hospitals that sell organs of the patients without their knowledge. Hospitals that do not inform the relatives about the patient’s death immediately, but continue to keep the patient in the ICU

What to do if you find doctors and hospitals cheating ?

Lodge a complaint with the concerned State Medical Council and with the State Consumer Forum
(as a consumer), Seek assistance from NGOs such as ‘People for Better Treatment’, ‘SATHI’, etc.

5. Participate in the Samiti’s mission in the following manner

  • Meet Doctors, Vaidyas, Paramedical staff who you know, provide them information on the Samiti and plan meetings with them
  • With the help of the Samiti & other individuals or organisations, organise lectures on health-related issues, diagnostic camps (covering multiple aspects), eye check-up camps, distribution of spectacles and participate in its satseva too
  • Participate in the Samiti’s free-of-cost ‘First-aid training camps’. You too can organise such camps. (For details, read Sanatan’s Text series – First-aid Training [3 Volumes])
  • Learn and teach other treatment methods such as Acupressure, Pranashakti flow, which will be useful in the coming adverse times when doctors and medicines may not be available. The Samiti will provide guidance on these subjects. (Sanatan’s Texts on these subjects are also available.)
  • Contribute to the Samiti’s mission by donating wealth, medicines and medical equipment

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