Benefits of prayer


1. ‘That benefits of prayer accros both worldly and spiritual aspects to an individual has now been proved through scientific experiments too.’ Hence through this article we shall understand the various benefits of prayer(Monthly ‘Rushi Prasad’ November 2010)

2. Benefits of Prayer – Praying imparts benefits at all the three levels of activity, thought and attitude

2A. Activity : Praying makes an activity abound in bhav (Spiritual emotion), leading to fewer mistakes in the activity and hence, seva (service) unto God or Guru turns out as expected.

2B. Thought : So long as the mind is active, thoughts are bound to appear in it. Thoughts obstruct the dissolution of the mind. Undesirable thoughts also result in misuse of energy of the mind. Praying is useful in preventing this misuse. Praying reduces anxiety and increases contemplation.

2C. Attitude : Due to praying regularly, its impression is created on the mind and contemplation starts on it. Therefore, the attitude of an individual or a seeker starts becoming introverted.

3. Removal of mental stress

3A. When under mental stress, remembrance of God through a prayer relieves the stress and we are reminded of chanting God’s Name too.

3B. Due to a prayer, doership of a task or seva is offered to God and hence, the mind is not stressed.

4. Reduction of ego

Ego generates unhappiness in human life. Man surrenders unto the all-powerful God through the medium of a prayer. He pleads to God through a prayer. This helps in early reduction of his ego.

5. Picture based on subtle-knowledge depicting the subtle-benefits of praying to God with a spiritual emotion


6. Atmanivedan (Conversation with God with an emotion of surrender) unto God, constant praying and expression of gratitude lead to early dissolution of the mind and intellect.His Holiness Dr. Athavale (5th December 2007)

7. Forgiven by God or Guru :

When an individual who has committed a mistake surrenders unto God or Guru through a prayer, they forgive him.

Reference : Sanatan Sanstha’s Holy Text, ‘Prayer – Importance and Examples

राष्ट्र एवं धर्म रक्षा के लिए कार्यरत
हिन्दू जनजागृति समिति को
दिया गया धर्मदान ‘सत्पात्र दान’ होगा !