Heroes of Bharatiya War of Independance

Tiger of Punjab : Sardar Udham Singh

Today is the death anniversary of Sardar Udham Singh who is well-known as the Tiger of Punjab. He killed Michael O’Dwyer responsible for massacre of Jalianwala baugh, where hundreds of innocent patriot Indians were killed. Read more »

Azad Hind Sena : Force behind Indian Freedom

‘Indian National Army’, also popularly known as the “Azad Hind Fauj” was established on 21 October 1943 with the Aim to free India from the clutches of British. It was headed by fierce nationalist Netaji Subhash Bose. Read more »

10th May : The day of intense call for the first freedom fight !

10th May 1857 has gained an unswerving status in Indian history. The open challenge of the first freedom fight and actual action started on the same day. The first sparks of the freedom fight were ignited at Meerut near Delhi on this day for two reasons, ‘Swa-Dharma’ and ‘Swa-rajya’. Read more »

Revolutionary Balkrishna Hari Chapekar

18 April is the martyr day of Damodar Hari Chapekar ! The purpose of this article is to let the people know about the revolutionary who in the prime of his life, was inspired to free his country from the shackles of the British and sacrificed his life to achieve his goal ! Read more »

Sukhdev Thapar: A true soldier

His letter to Mahatma Gandhi written just prior to his hanging, protesting against the latter’s disapproval of revolutionary tactics, throws light on the disparities between the two major schools of thought among Bharatiya freedom fighters. Read more »

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