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Parenting tips to discipline children

Children like to imitate. They observe their parents from the day they are born. That is why many children have exactly the same style of walking, speaking and behaving as their parents. Hence, parents should be very careful about their actions and speech and correct them if they are faulty.

1. Offer Namaskar (A respectful greeting accompanied by a gesture of joining the palms with the fingertips pointing upwards and held close to the chest) to God after getting up in the morning and do some Pranayam (Yogic exercises). Spend some time doing meditation.

2. Offer Namaskar to God, parents and elders in the family after bath. Also offer Namaskar to elderly persons, teachers and spiritual guide whenever they meet you.

3. Perform Suryanamaskar or Yogic exercises daily.

4. Wash your cup and saucer after drinking tea or milk.

5. After coming home from outside, remove your footwear and wash your feet immediately after entering the house.

6. After eating, throw any leftovers, skin of fruits, etc. in the dustbin.

7. Wash your hands before every meal.

8. Offer a prayer to God before meals and brush your teeth after finishing food.

9. When you are reading any book, keep it back in its place after you finish reading it. Your children too will imitate you and will learn to keep their toys in the cupboard after they finish playing.

10. Welcome guests with honour. Be polite in speech and behaviour.

11. Light a lamp before God in the evening and recite some stotras (A hymn of a Deity).

12. If you feel that the children should not watch television leaving their study, then you too will have to sacrifice watching your favourite television programme when children are studying.

Saints have said, "Pay obeisance to those who behave as they preach."

Reference : ‘Sanskar Hich Sadhana’ (in Marathi).
Writer : Dr. Vasant Athavale, Paediatrician