How Children are affected by their friends ?

Good habits are imbibed in the company of good friends

Friends play a very important role in our life because right from our school days, we are in the company of several friends. Their actions and habits have an influence on our mind in some way or the other.

Percentage of children having good habits is negligible

Now-a-days, children having good habits are rare. On the contrary, it has been gathered from a survey that most of the children are generally found to have bad sanskars and thus, bad habits.

Even well brought-up children take to bad habits owing to
fear of loneliness and being teased by other friends

Children having bad habits always tease those having good habits. No wonder, some children feel that if they behave nicely and honestly then all the others will keep them away and will not play or talk with them. They fear that they will be ignored and left alone. This loneliness results in taking to bad habits. Bad children try to show their superiority by teasing good children. Good children then try to show them that they too are capable of behaving like them and thus take to bad habits.

It takes only one rotten mango to spoil the whole basket!

Once there was a fruit seller. He had a few mangoes in his basket. All the mangoes were good, except the one, which was rotten. He thought, ‘If I leave this rotten mango in the basket full of good mangoes then that rotten mango too would turn to good’. So he left the rotten mango in the basket full of good mangoes. However, a week later, when he opened the basket, he was shocked to see that,contrary to his expectation, all the good mangoes had become rotten. Similarly, good children too become victim of bad habits in the company of bad children. Keep this point in mind, and always try to remain in the company of good and well-mannered friends.

Children get bad habits like stealing,
drug-addiction because of bad company

When a person earning his living by honest means starts living in the company of thieves then that person also might become greedy and start thinking,’ Why work hard to live, let me earn by stealing costly articles, ornaments and money ’. This might lead him to choose the wrong path of committing robbery. Now-a-days, students are getting addicted to intoxicating drugs on a large scale. This is the result of bad music. So while having friendship with someone, be careful about his nature. If we spend our maximum time in the company of good people then we can lead a good life. Let us learn a lesson from the story given here under :

Good habits imbibed in the company of good people and
bad habits in the company of bad people

Once a mother parrot died in a jungle after giving birth to two young ones. One of them landed in the hands of a butcher while the other in the hands of a sage. Once a king while passing through a jungle was thirsty; so to quench his thirst he came to the butcher’s house. The butcher’s parrot started saying, “Catch him, beat him, kill him.” The king did not wait there and proceeded on his way ahead. Then he came across the hermitage of a sage. The parrot there addressed the king, “Come, Come, you are welcome, take rest, have milk and fruits.” Hearing this, the king was very happy. We should learn a lesson from this that our behaviour is affected by the company we keep. So always be in the company of good, well-mannered friends. In a group of 8-10 boys even if one boy is bad, it will not take too long to spoil the whole group. It is for you to decide, whose company you like : Those who keep on fighting and cheating or those who are loving, honest and understanding? Naturally, you would prefer good children to give you company would you not?

-Ms. Gayatri Butte