Gudi Padwa or 31st December for New Year?

Children, before performing any action, we always try to find out the science and the history behind performing that action. Nowadays, New Year is celebrated on the night of 31st December. Have you ever questioned that why is it celebrated on 31st December ? Is there any scientific reason or any historical significance behind celebrating it on 31st December ? Friends, even though there is neither any scientific reason nor any historical significance behind it, we blindly imitate the Western countries and their culture and celebrate New Year on 31st December.

Difference between English New Year (1st January) andGudi Padwa

31 st December Chaitra Shukla Pratipada

Day changes at midnight

Day changes with sunrise

No change in environment

Positive changes in environment

No Spiritual and Scientific
reasons present

Spiritual and Scientific

reasons present

Do you feel it is correct to welcome a new year at 12 midnight, in the company of people who are dancing to the tunes of deafening music and are fighting amongst themselves under the influence of alcohol ?By looking at it, do you really think it is a pleasant way of welcoming the New Year ?Just think about it and tell, “Will you like if your day starts with sorrow?” As per our Hindu culture, the period after 12 midnight is considered to be the period of demons and trouble mongers. How can we even think of welcoming the new year at such a time ?

Video shown in the context as below.

Do you know why we celebrate New Year on Gudi Padwa as per our Hindu culture? It is because Deity Bramha created the universe on this day. Also, if you look back at the history, you will understand that this was the day when Shriram defeated Vali.

On the day of Gudi Padwa, one should wake up early in the morning, take a holy bath and draw rangoli in front of the house (at the main door). We should dress up in traditional Bharatiya (Indian) attire, take part in the early morning march (prabhat pheri) and sing bhajans (devotional songs). Some also play clarinet, trumpet and blow a conch. So friends, now think and decide for yourself, which of these two days should be celebrated as the first day of the new year?

As each and every festival in our Hindu culture has some scientific reason and history behind it, celebrating it doubles the happiness in our lives. Only our Hindu culture has taught the entire world the secret of living a happy and blissful life. So let us celebrate New Year on Gudi Padwa, according to our great Hindu Culture and lead a blissful life.

So, now let us pledge that we will wish our friends and relatives ‘Happy New Year’ only on Gudi Padwa and honour our great Hindu culture.

– Shri. Rajendra Pavaskar (Guruji), Panvel