What to do to gain concentration on studies ?

           Before you start studying, chant the name of your favorite Deity for 5 to 10 minutes. Make the following prayer to the Deity of intellect Sri Gaṇapati and the Deity of knowledge Sri Saraswati for good studies and for proper remend energy for studying.’ It is more appropriate to occupy the same place to study daily. It is helpful to study the difficult subjects when your mind and body are fresh. Lighting an incembrance. ‘O vighnaharta (remover of all obstacles), giver of knowledge Sri Gaṇapati and Sri Saraswati Devi, let all the obstacles in my studies be removed. Please give me intellect and stick near the place of study is helpful in making the atmosphere pure and clean. Select a place for study where there is proper light and no disturbance of noise. After completing your studies, express gratitude at the feet of Sri Gaṇapati and Sri Saraswati Devi for helping you to concentrate on your studies.