Reading Purans,instead of comics will help in the all-round development of children !

Children are always on the lookout for comics wherever they go. However, these comics result in the mental, intellectual and moral deterioration of children. The mind, intellect and personality of the children become handicapped, lonely, insensitive and unpleasant on reading these comics. Children begin to feel that if they come across any problem in life, super heroes like Phantom and Superman will solve those problems instantly, within a blink of an eye. Due to this, they start to drift away from reality. Children begin to consider these superheroes with unimaginable courage as ideals. They are not ready to accept that these superheroes do not exist in reality. Other than this, the language used in these comics is vulgar, sloppy and many a times, grammatically incorrect. Comics contain more of pictures and less of written material. Pictures make children imagine different things. They do not have the ability of independent imagination and contemplation. Their grasping ability through the medium of vision starts becoming weak.

Why don’t we make our children read stories from the Purans? This will not only increase their knowledge, but will also help in their physical, mental and intellectual development. Children will develop qualities such as courage and valour. It will increase their eagerness and curiosity. Their mind will become huge like a sea.

– Gurudev Dr. Kateswamiji (Ghanagarjit, June 2009).