Harmful incidents during New Year celebration with current trend


        It is basic human nature to try to derive happiness from everything we do. When something good happens in our life, we celebrate it with our loved ones. However, if we indulge in things which cause distress, discomfort or harm to ourselves or others; then instead of experiencing happiness or Bliss from it; we experience unhappiness.

        In this article, we will explain how the current way of celebrating the New Year results in alarming situations on New Year’s Eve.

Harmful incidents on New Year’s Eve

a. Assaults, murder, sexual assaults and robbery: On New Year’s Eve, there are reports of a spike in incidents of assaults, murders, rapes and robberies.

b. Over-indulgence in alcohol: Consumption of alcoholic drinks is very high on the New Year’s Eve. Many people are already drunk by 7 PM on December 31. Due to this, there is an increase in incidents of assaults, rapes, etc.

c. Drunken driving accidents: Due to the high consumption of alcoholic drinks; there are higher rates of drunken driving accidents and deaths on New Year’s Eve and New Year Day. In fact, New Year’s Day is considered as the worst day for drunken driving accidents.

d. Car-theft: Car thieves steal more cars on New Year’s Day than on any other holiday. As people are engrossed in celebrating the New Year, their cars get stolen from car parks or residences.

e. Commuting problems: As many people are out on the road, and there is a high rate of alcohol consumption, it becomes difficult for people to catch a cab to reach home.

        Generally, most drunken people catch cabs as they are not in a state to drive; so cabs are occupied by them, making it difficult to get any. As they are drunk they create problems causing delays in releasing cabs. Further to that traffic jams may be caused due to people not paying the fares, the need for cops to manage the situation, etc. Also, as the number of people using cabs increases manifold, the cab companies cannot meet the demands.

        After midnight, as people head home from clubs, hotels etc. public transport gets busy. People have to wait for trains, trams, and buses to get home.

f. In addition to the above, there are parties, dancing, loud music, etc. which also lead to quarrels, fights, rapes, etc.


        The purpose of New Year celebrations is to derive happiness and joy; but the celebrations result in many of the above incidents. Thus, many people do not experience happiness or joy from it. The consumption of alcohol, drunken driving, assaults, etc. are due to an increase in the Raja and Tama components in the environment; due to which the negative energies are drawn towards it and they influence people. The only way to eliminate the Raja-Tama components and the influence of negative energies is to celebrate the New Year in a spiritually correct way. It attracts the Divine principle and sattva component, thus eliminating the negative aspects.

        The true New Year Day is the day when this Universe was created. Please refer to our article ‘Creation of the Universe’ to read details about when we should celebrate the New Year and how to celebrate it in a spiritually beneficial way.