Refute the threat of religious conversions intellectually



1. Combat religious conversions at the intellectual level

Non-Hindus systematically spread rumors to convert Hindus. Therefore, to counter them, Hindu organisations  should also refute and argue at the intellectual level to foil the tactics of non-Hindus.

2. Reply candidly to Christians who are trying to mislead

2 A. Christians who say that ‘Hindu Deities sink in water’

should be confronted with the fact that ‘wooden crosses burn in fire’

Christians argue with Hindus that, ‘If there is a flood, only a Deity that can float will save you’. Then these Christians let go the Idols of Hindu Deities made from stone or metal into a water pit. Naturally, such Idols sink. When wooden crosses are thrown into water, they float. Then these Christians say, ‘See our God floats in water. If you want to survive in a crisis, have faith in our God and embrace Christianity’. Hindus fall prey to this tactic and convert to Christianity. In fact, Hindus should not be contended with just this test; Christians should be asked to conduct another test. In this test Hindus should say, ‘Just as there could be a flood, there could also be a forest fire. The God who survives a fire is the true God.’ In this test, the wooden ‘cross’ of the Christians will turn to ashes, but the stone and metal Idols of Hindu Deities will remain unharmed.

2 B. Tell Christians firmly that by keeping

a picture of Shrikrushna in the house, the truth will triumph

At some places Christians say, ‘If you keep a picture of Shrikrushna and Arjun in your house, conflicts take place in the house. There will be no peace in the house thereafter.’

1. To such Christians, Hindus need to give a fitting reply – ‘If we keep a picture of Shrikrushna, who was responsible for the victory of Truth in Mahabharat, only Truth will prevail in our homes.’

2. Confront such Christians, who try to defame Hindu Dharma, without fear – ‘The real source of conflict is truly Jesus’; because in the New Testament of Bible, Matthew 10-34/36 says, ‘Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law and a man’s enemies will be those of his own household.’

2 C. When Christians come to your door saying ‘Only Jesus is the saviour’, retaliate by telling them, ‘Our Hindu Dharma and Deities are the most powerful’, and drive them away !

2D. An incident from the life of Kamladevi

Hazarika (alias Dadiji), who gave a fitting reply to Christians

Father Cruz, a Christian missionary, visited the residence of Kamladevi Hazarika (A freedom fighter from Assam). When she ate a sweet given to her as Prasad (Holy sacrament) by Father Cruz, he smiled and said, “Dadiji, you have become a Christian by consuming Prasad from the church. Now you will have to come for baptism”. Dadiji retorted, “The peda (A sweet) you gave me is made from milk from a cow in Hindustan. The sugar in it is from the sugarcane grown on this soil. The fuel is from firewood from the branches grown on trees here. Did this get contaminated just because you touched it ? In fact, the reverse is true. You have been living here for many years. You eat and drink here. Even the air you breathe is from here. What will happen to you by eating Prasad prepared from the ingredients produced here ?”

3. Question the Christians who convert Hindus !

3 A. Why were Christian missionaries unable to

save the European and American countries from immorality ?

Religious turmoil, terrorism, two World Wars, the atom bomb, immorality due to material greed, diseases like AIDS, depression etc. are gifts of the western Christian countries to the world. In these countries, rape or murder is committed every minute. Over 2 crore children are orphaned due to divorces. All this happens because there is not a semblance of truth, self-control, self-realisation etc. in Christianity. Despite this, the Pope, along with all missionaries, is falsely promising, ‘Jesus alone can save the human race’. I have just one question for these missionaries – why were they not able to save the European and American countries from immorality ?

3 B. How did Jesus allow the Christian countries to face recession ? : Christians say to Hindus that to save themselves from recession, they should go to church. ‘If Jesus can save everyone from recession, then how are USA and other Christian countries of the world facing recession ?’

3 C. Why do Christian missionaries not distribute the Bible in Muslim localities ?

3 D. Will you take care of a Hindu who has converted to Christianity and his family till death ?

3 E. Why do you convert Hindus to Christianity by monetary enticements ? Is this what your Holy text commands ?

3 F. If you are so concerned about the welfare of the people and if religious conversion is not your hidden agenda, why do you tell the Hindus to pray only to Jesus ? Why do you not tell them to pray to Hindu Deities as well ?

(Reference – ‘Beware of the tactics used for religious conversions’ )