An appeal to the Hindu society !

O Hindus ! Follow your own Dharma !

In our Hindu Nation, where knowledge about higher regions (Mahar, Jana, Tapa and Satya) beyond Swargalok (Heaven) abounds, how long are we going to listen to fiction like this – ‘You will go to Heaven only if you accept Christianity’ ? Hindus should walk proudly in front of non-Hindus who call them sinners and not worthy of living. Should only Muslims and Christians be staunch followers of their religion ? O Hindus ! You too should dedicate yourselves to your Dharma. If this happens, people of other religions will not hurt your religious sentiments.

Do not be instrumental in the destruction of the world by converting !

‘Christianity is devoid of any rational foundation; it is based on very mediocre and imperfect opinions. The past 400 years, during which this religion has ruled the world, is known as the ‘darkest period’ in the history of mankind. Due to the destruction of environment caused under the influence of Christians, that is, westerners, the entire mankind has reached the threshold of destruction. Should we allow the members of such a western Christian religion to convert us ? Should we help them add to their numbers ? Hindus need to ponder on this. The second alternative to Dharma, Islam, is the worst option. In Islamic countries, nothing takes place other than destruction, annihilation & backwardness. Therefore, it will be the biggest tragedy for the world, if it were to get Islamised.’ – Mr MS Menon (Weekly ‘Organiser’, 6.5.2007)

Do not incur the sin of destroying Hindu Dharma

by embracing Christianity, which is redundant even for the westerners !

‘In USA, 28% Christians have lost faith in Christianity. Christian children are discarding the church and are shifting their faith elsewhere or do not have faith in any other religion. In the next 100 years, the population of Christians in USA will be negligible.’ – From a survey conducted by ‘Pew Forum’ on the subject of ‘Religion & Public Life’ (2008).

Hindus who accept enticements

from non-Hindu organisations to convert should remember this !

Deprived Hindus, who accept monetary enticements from non-Hindu organisations for converting to another religion, ask majority of Hindus, ‘We are poor. The Government does not pay any attention to us. Hence, when non-Hindu preachers help us survive, why should we not accept it ? What is the help Hindu organisations offer us ?’

Hindus who ask such questions should realise the aspects given ahead.

1. ‘स्वधर्मे निधनं श्रेय: परधर्मो भयावहः ।’ meaning, according to the Principle of Dharma, ‘It is better to live and die while abiding by one’s own Dharma rather than converting to another Dharma’.

2. Poverty is a part of destiny. Converting to another religion cannot resolve this problem. Through spiritual practice, destiny can be changed; hence, performing spiritual practice is the only appropriate solution to poverty.

3. Islamic and Christian organisations receive financial aid from Arab and Christian countries respectively. Their principal objective is to wipe out Hindu Dharma and thereby, obliterate the importance of Hindustan. Therefore, accepting money from these non-Hindu organisations amounts to anti-national and anti-Dharma activities.

4. Since there is not a single ‘Hindu Nation’ in the world, Hindu organisations do not receive funds from abroad. Elimination of poverty is the duty of the Government. Hence, expectations of poor Hindus from Hindu organisations to alleviate them from poverty are pointless.

To keep the Hindu society alive, start a purification campaign !

‘Some people ask arrogantly, ‘What will you gain by purification of an individual or a few hundred people ?’ Just as a lake is formed out of a collection of many droplets of water, so does it dry up when the droplets evaporate’. Proactive Hindus should take cognisance of this fact. In this context, founder of the ‘Bhosale Army School’ in Nashik and a radiant Hindu leader (Late) Dr. Balakrushna Shivaram Munje would say, ‘If we wish that Hindu society continue to exist with all its radiance, then a purifi cation campaign should be commenced’. – Mr. Sanjay Mulye, Ratnagiri (53)

Purification of converts should be on the agenda of Hindus !

‘After slaying Tipu Sultan, the army of the Marathas along with the British army was returning to Pune. On the way, many Hindu families were standing on the road sides pleading, ‘Please make us Hindus again’ to the Maratha army commander Haripant Phadke. They wished to return to the Hindu Dharma, but the subject of purifi cation of converted Hindus was not on the agenda of Marathas. Even today, Hindus do not include on their agenda purification of converted Hindus. Excluding a negligible period of Deval Maharshi, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Swatantryaveer Savarkar, H.H. Masurkar Maharaj and Swami Shraddhanand, history reveals that the Hindus have neglected purification of converts completely. Swatantryaveer Savarkar had warned that ‘purifi cation was not just a religious task, it was also political’. Hence, purification should necessarily be a part of Hindu agenda.’ – Mr. Arvind Vitthal Kulkarni (Monthly ‘Lokjagar’, 2008)

The campaign to purify Hindus who have

converted to other religions in Bharat should gain momentum !

‘H.H. Masurkar Maharaj had said, ‘Today, the mission of reconverting the descendants of Hindus who had been converted to another religion, and granting them religious freedom is the most sacred mission, even more sacred than a pilgrimage to Kashi’. This sacred mission should be performed not only in converted tribal areas, but in every non-Hindu area. You cannot become a Muslim without circumcision or a Christian without baptism. In the same way, without purification, converts cannot become Hindus. That is precisely why the campaign to purify Hindus who have converted to other religions in Bharat should gain momentum. Conversions of Hindus are even more frightening than desecration of temples. Razed temples can be reconstructed, but people who have gone to another religion do not return. Rather, later, their descendants become staunch anti-Hindus and desecrate the new temples. To stop this cycle of cruelty, every Hindu should take upon himself the task of reconverting these converted Hindus to Hindu Dharma. As advised by Samartha Ramdas Swami, Hindus need to blow the conch of purification all over Bharat to protect Hindu Dharma.

An appeal to devout Hindu organisations

1. Studiously refute non-Hindu preachers !

‘Non-Hindu preachers receive vast amounts from abroad.  Preachers of Hindu Dharma should develop a habit of being alert to their activities and refuting these preachers after in-depth study of their planning, foresight, ability of bringing about conversions in a controlled, discreet manner, study of Hindu Holy texts and literature etc.

2. Oppose religious conversions after in-depth study !

Whenever there is social or cultural injustice against Christians in any part of the world, their Christian brethren in other countries study the issue thoroughly and immediately unite against it. Hindu organisations lack in study of this type and in the study of national and international penal codes. As soon as there is an incident of conversions, Hindu organisations protest or temporarily make some sudden, directionless, impulsive move at the emotional level. However, no permanent solution is found.

Understanding the basic problem, preventing foreign aid by pressurising the politicians, studying policies framed in various countries on conversions, preventing conversions without giving any consideration to vote-bank arithmetic etc.; these are a few actions Hindu organisations need to take.

3. Lodge complaints about conversions directly with the Courts or the District Magistrate !

Wherever there are attempts to convert or actual conversions taking place, Hindu activists should fearlessly lodge a complaint with the Courts or the District Magistrate. At times, due to some technicalities the complaint may not be entertained by the Courts or the District Magistrate; in such cases, volunteers of Hindu organisations, lawyers and social workers should assist the Hindu activists.’ – Mr. Sanjay Mulye, Ratnagiri

4. Preach your religion to the tribals in the surrounding areas of your city !

(Reference – ‘Beware of the tactics used for religious conversions’ and ‘Beware of the tactics used for religious conversions’ )