Controversial Matter

Article on controversial matter in std. 7 th NCERT book

Beware parents! The textbooks of Centre’s NCERT teach distorted history!

Author: Shri Ramesh Shinde, Spokesperson, Maharashtra State, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

In the school curriculum of students the subject of history is such that it is of hardly any use to them in their higher studies like engineering, medicine etc. Even then this subject is compulsory for all school students. This is because they receive inspiration from the history throughout their life ahead and some of them who are inspired in such manner become involved in a mission which would re-write the history. Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj was told the histories of Lord Ram and Lord Krushna by his mother Jijau which inspired him to create the history of Hindavi Swarajya under the very nose of Mughal emperors. Unfortunately today the current government is bent on proving Lord Ram and Lord Krushna as fictitious personalities which has almost wiped out the possibility of deriving such inspiration. What is more, it has become obvious that the NCERT( National Council for Educational Research and Training) which plans the central curriculum has made arrangements in such a fashion that the coming generation should not get any inspiration. Before this the same council had called such revolutionaries as Bhagatsingh, Rajguru, Khudiram Bose etc as ‘Extremists’. At that time they had made changes in the curriculum after many agitations. Now the same council has started its efforts of omitting our national heroes such as Shivaji Maharaj, Maharana Pratap who were involved in fighting against the invaders of our nation from the curriculum. However the council has glorified the histories of the British and Mughals. This has created a doubt in the minds of us general people that whether this council is acting as an agent of foreigners. Some time back there were news about the teaching of anti-Hindustan history in Pakistan. By reading the following matter it is very likely that one may get a suspicion whether this NCERT which is an undertaking of our central government is inspired by them.

The distortion of history in the history text-book ‘ Hamare Ateet-2’ meant for 7th Standard

In the history textbook ‘ Hamare Ateet-2’ meant for 7th standard there is glorification of such immensely cruel Mughal kings who had committed rampant atrocities on Hindus and who had destroyed their temples and inflicted them such taxation as jiziya. About 60 pages have been devoted to the history of these Mughal kings who made the Hindus slaves while only five lines are given for Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who fought with the Mughals and liberated Hindus from their slavery! The surprising part is that even a single photo of Chatrapati Shivaji was not available to council while those of Babar and his descendants starting from 1526 AD were easily available for them for printing in this textbook! Thus this educational council has tried to bring a dirty politics of appeasement even in the educational sector.

In the third lesson of this text-book named ‘The Sultans of Delhi’ there is detailed description of Delhi’s sultans, the expansion of sultan regime and lineage of Allauddin Khilji and Muhamad Tughlak spread over 15 pages. Again in the ninth lesson named ‘ Mughal Empire’ 15 pages are spared for desription of Mughal army and their kings like Babar, Akbar, Humayun, Jehangir and Aurangjeb. Further there is description of extension of Akbar’s regime. In the 5th lesson titled ‘ Rulers and Buldings’ 15 pages are devoted to descriptions of Kutub Minar, Kuwwat Al-Islam Mosque of Delhi , Makka, Makbara of Humayun, the throne of ‘ Diwan-e-Aam’ at Delhi and Taj Mahal. In the tenth chapter named ‘The political situation in eighteenth century’ most of the pages are spent on information about the borders of Mughal Empire, the invasion by Nadir Shah, Nijam, Burhan-ul –Mulk, Aliwardi Khan etc.

In a situation when the Muslim rulers had created an environment of anarchy and the Maratha Sardars( military officers) were content with serving the Mughals and earning land revenues, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj fought with these regimes, established a separate ‘ Hindavi Swarajya’ and thus assured the common man. However in this textbook it is just mentioned as ‘local government’. Is it not our enfeeblement? The council has obtained the photographs of atrocious, tyrannical Muslim kings starting from 700 A.D. but could not print the photograph of valorous Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj because of whom this nation is alive today. The place for the photograph is left blank. Why is this extreme form of hatred?

In this text only half a page has been spent on describing regime of Rajputs. Even there also the mention of Raja Jaysingh who had accepted the rule of Mughals is made; but no mention at all of Rana Pratap who had sacrificed the leisure of royal palace and used to sleep on the grass like ordinary people! Why is this discrimination?

Understand the serious consequences of such purposefully written history!

Had Shivaji Maharaj born in Europe, one entire text would have been written on him. What is the need of telling students about how a mosque was built, what is the direction of Kaba in a book of history? Just imagine what impression must have been created in the minds lakhs of Hindu students when you look at the total inclination of this textbook which has created a picture of how the Muslim rule is dominating us for a long period and how their culture is the primary culture here. Would they ever be able to know the real history of our mighty kings who always fought for Dharma without caring for their lives, who sacrificed everything for the happiness of their people and were staunchly adherent to the values?

At the same time we are also scared that in the coming years would our next generation be taught such history where Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussain and Dawood Ibrahim would be projected as mighty men?

Prior to this the change in curriculum used to receive widespread protests as ‘saffronisation of education’. Now when you look at the present situation, one wonders as to who is the mastermind behind all this. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti is launching statewide agitation on Shiv Jayanti Day that is on 13th March 2009 against the government which is remaining inactive and hence in a way supportive of such curriculum which is purposely ignoring our religion, our culture, our kings and our revolutionaries. Please remember the debt we have towards Shivaji Maharaj for the infinite favours he has done to us and consider it as a duty to participate in the agitation launched by HJS!


Details of std. 10 th book of NCERT-

The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti brought out many errors in a NCERT ‘History’ book for 10th standard to the notice of the media and the state government. Following are the few errors. It is worth noting that whole book is full of Hindu hatred and purposefully complied to present misleading information.

Examples of distorted and Anti-Hindu History (?) in NCERT book

  • The cover of the book depicts the Mughal regime in India with Urdu transcript giving an impression that Indian history had nothing more than Mughal domination.
  • The book supports demand made by Indian Muslims for a separate Muslim country before division of India took place.
  • It has been mentioned in the book that people following other religions (Muslims and Christians) did not take part in freedom fight because of Hindus.
  • The book also supports ‘Sachchar Commission’ known for its pro-Muslim inclination and policies.
  • Word ‘Dalit’ is used in the book, over several times, when there is a ban on the use of the same by the Central Scheduled Caste and Tribes Commission.
  • The movements undertaken by communists in Nepal and Bolovia have been lauded as ‘greatest movements in the world’ when these movements have not been given much publicity in world history.
  • The first chapter in the book titled, ‘Rise of Nationalism in Europe’ carries a picture of Jesus Christ standing in the sky with a Cross, and representatives of all European nations rushing towards him with their respective flags. The chapter ‘Nationalism in India’ comes somewhere at the end of the group titled, ‘India and the Contemporary World II’.
  • The picture of the French Commander, General Henri Navarre shown to be smoking a cigarette, especially when the Union Minister for Health, Dr. A Ramadoss has shown his support for anti-tobacco movement.
  • There is a question for the students in the textbook which goes, ‘I often crack jokes about people from one religion. Does that make me communal,’ which is absurd, as it could affect the perception of a student about religion.
  • The book also includes certain sensitive references to communal clashes during the partition of India and Muslim demands, which hint at further division of the country.
  • There is this map which shows political preferences of South Asia, with South-East India being shown with the caption ‘Democracy is preferable’ , Pakistan and half of north India being portrayed as ‘Doesn’t matter (democracy) to me’ and Gujarat covered with the caption ‘Sometimes dictatorship is better’ , which is not only misleading but detrimental to the progress of the students.
  • Spelling mistakes counting around 67.


The front page of History text book: Effort to show ‘Bharat’ as a Muslim dominated country

Front cover of book: Mughal regime in Bharat with Urdu transcript gives an impression that Bharat’s history had nothing more than Mughal domination

The front page of the history text book for 10th standard has a picture related to Muslim culture. There is also some matter written in Urdu. One can see that every effort is made to show that as if history of ‘Bharat’ starts with Muslim rulers. There was Hindu culture in the country and the history of India is so ancient which has been accepted by all nations. The Greek, Egyptian and Roman cultures have since perished; but Bharatiya culture has sustained despite facing several assaults. Bharatiya history goes way back before Mughal Rule. One can therefore, say that the front page has been created only to please Muslims and to take care of their religious sentiments.

History of ‘Bharat’ has been presented under the title ‘India and contemporary world’ After considering the title and subject, one may note the following things. In this book, it appears as if the history of contemporary world starts from the year 1848. If history is to be studied from the year 1848, there was British Rule and Britishers had taken over from Hindus. The purpose behind showing the picture of Muslim rulers should be clarified by the SSC Board and concerned experts in the field.  

Goa SSC Board and NCERT show Lokmanya Tilak as a secular leader

The meaningless effort to portray Lokmanya Tilak as Symbol of ‘Sarvadharmasambhav’. In circle Tajmahal is shown as Muslim symbol.

This is the picture of Lokmanya Tilak on page 46 in the chapter ‘Awareness towards togetherness’. In this, symbols of worship from all religions have been shown all around as border of the picture and there is the following bracket on the side of the picture.

‘Picture -11, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, in the beginning of the 20th century. Note the various symbols on the sides of the picture. The picture in the centre is surrounded by holy places of different religions (e.g. temple, church, mosque).

There is a reference of mosque but the picture is of ‘Taj Mahal’ instead of mosque. In this whole chapter, there is no mention of Lokmanya Tilak; but effort has been made to show him as a secular leader. Lokmanya Tilak tried to bring Hindus together; but there is no mention of it anywhere in the chapter. He started public celebration of religious festivals like Ganeshotsava and Shiva-jayanti. He wrote the famous book ‘Geeta Rahasya’ when he was in the jail at Mandalay. He used to say that he was born as a Hindu and he would die as a Hindu. The effort of SSC Board to depict Lokmanya Tilak as a secular leader, therefore, appears so foolish. Propagation of equality of all religions and secularism, in 20th century, was made not by Tilak but by Gandh; but Goa SSC Board and NCERT are bent upon putting forth wrong history.