Photo Exhibition: Revelation of Truth

Prepared by Panun Kashmir and Organised by HJS in Maharashtra: A report

This exhibition titled ‘Revelation of Truth’ consists of 150+ photographs of of plunder, destruction of Hindu Temples, atrocities by Muslims and torture of Hindus. The exhibition showed photographs of broken idols, desecrated Temples, mangled human bodies, Kashmiri Hindus camping in refugee tents, displaced in their own land! The photographs depicted the destruction of a civilization and a culture. (Of these, 52 photographs are available on the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s (HJS) website.)

The photographs displayed are not by professionals, but by the victims themselves who could barely manage a rudimentary camera to document their tragedy – Panun Kashmir (Organization of Kashmiri Pandits). Every photograph was taken at great risk to their lives; they could not stay a night in one place and at times shifting from one house to other every 2 hours.

A report of the activities of Panun Kashmir Exhibitions

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Date Place* Inaguration by No. of visitors Special Note
5-8 May 07 Jalgaon city,Jalgaon (D),Maharashtra (S) Pujya Yogeshwar Upasani Maharaj, National Kirtankar 10000 1. Pujya Mangesh Maharaj sent an SMS from his Mobile to many Hindus to visit this exhibition. 2. Shri. Kiran Bhalodkar provides Mandap for the exhibition.
1-3 May 07 Dharashiv city,Dharashiv (D),Maharashtra (S) Dr. Ramesh Dapake, Principal, Ramkrishna Paramhansa College 4500 1. Dr. Ramesh Dapke, Principal, Ramakrushna Paramhans College given college premices free of charge for the exhibition. 2. One Proud Hindu Shri. Adesh Shinde printed 5000 handbills of the exhibition 3. Shri. Datta Deshmukh given Sound system free of charge. 4. Shri. Vipul Kulkarni provided electric equipments free of charge.
28-30 April 07 Chinchwad,Pune (D),Maharashtra (S) Samarth Bhakta Pujya Sunil Chincholkar, Sajjangad 5000 1. Pujya Sunil Chincholkar donated for the exhibition and also appeal Hindus for donation. 2. Shri. Anant Kulkarni, Sree Datta Seva Mandal asured that he will give the Hall of Dattamandir free of charge for HJS work.
22-24 April 07 Pune city,Pune (D),Maharashtra (S) HH Swami Govinddevgiri Maharaj 20000 Shri. Salil Urankar, Editor, periodical Hindu renaissance showed the VCD’s with him to many Hindus to create awareness and also distributed the copies of Hindu renaissance.

The spokesperson of HJS, Shri. Ramesh Shinde first met Dr. Ajay Chrangoo, Chairman, Panun Kashmir at a photo-exhibition organised by the Panun Kashmir Association in Mumbai in the month of September, 2006. A sense of oneness developed among both the organisations and this mission of unveiling, before the general public, the true nature of terrorism in Kashmir through a photo exhibition took shape.

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