Protest against Nina Paley’s outright denigration of the Ramayana

Lord Ram walking on pregnant Sita
Lord Ram walking on pregnant Sita

Lord Ram sitting on Sita's back
Lord Ram sitting on Sita’s back


Lord Ram kicks pregnant Sita
Lord Ram kicks pregnant Sita

Lord Hanuman plays the piano for Sita
Lord Hanuman plays the piano for Sita

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Art Chambers stopped ‘Sita Sings the Blues’ screening due to Hindus’ protest

O Hindus, let us pay gratitude towards God for this success !

Panaji (Goa): Art Chamber, Calangute, Goa planned to screen ‘Sita Sings the Blues’ movie produced by Anti-Hindu American Cartoonist Nina Paley. This movie denigrates Ramayana and depicts Sri Ram, Goddess Sita and Sri Hanuman in bad light. A panel of Hindus from Sree Sampraday, Shiv Sena, GMDSM, Divya Jagruti Pratishthan, Amma Bhagwan Pratishthan and HJS met Dy. District Collector Mr. Dashrath Redkar and demanded to stop this screening. HJS also immediately started awareness drive on its website and many devout Hindus also lawfully protested through phone and e-mail against this event.  Then Mr. Redkar immediately called organisers of the event to cancel the same. He also issued orders on phone to Calangute Police Station to ensure cancellation of the movie. Hence organisers had to cancel the screening of ‘Sita Sings the Blues’.

The panel of Hindus which met Dy. District Collector Mr. Redkar comprised Mr. Rajesh Korgaonkar of HJS, Mr. Ramesh Naik of Shiv Sena, Mr. Jayesh Thali of GMDSM, Retd. (Capt.) Dattaram Sawant of Divya Jagruti Pratishthan and Mr. Shrikant Parsekar of Sree Sampraday and many other devout Hindus.

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Protest ‘San Jose Museum of Art’ to show ‘Sita Sings the Blues’ and nude painting of Deities by MF Hussain

As per the information received from Forum for Hindu Awakening, it has come to light that San Jose Museum of Art is going to show the movie ‘Sita Sings the Blues’ on 6th August, which denigrates Ramayana and depicts Sri Ram, Goddess Sita and Sri Hanuman in bad light. Also San Jose Museum is showcasing nude paintings of Hindu Deities by Anti-Hindu and Anti-National painter M F Hussain in its exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Art of India. (MF Hussain’s nude paintings of Hindu Deities can be seen here.) Now it is the duty of all Hindus to protest lawfully against San Jose Museum, so that it should not exhibit ‘Sita Sings the Blues’ movie and it should also remove paintings of Anti-Hindu M F Husain and render unconditional apology to Hindus for hurting their religious sentiments.

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The way to extinguish a religion is to first create utter disrespect for it in the minds of people about their faith. Then ridicule the followers so that they are downright ashamed of being Hindu. Then the lost directionless Hindu populace will be soft targets to defeat on any front.

Are you going to blindly allow this unrighteous strategy to work ? Or are you willing to stand up for Dharma and realise that in this increasingly unrighteous world, ‘Only Dharma protects the Dharmic’. Ultimately Dharma will be established in the world and evildoers will be destroyed. But each Hindu is now being called upon to play his/her part and do something to stop this outright denigration.

‘Sita Sings the Blues’ show in Starlight Pavilion canceled after protests !

The 21st July showing of ‘Sita Sings the Blues’ in Starlight Pavilion has been cancelled after growing protests from the Hindu community spearheaded by Patanjali Rambrich, an alert Hindu in New York. An online drive against this show from the website of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti was also conducted. More than 3000 Hindus sent their protest letter.

A spontaneous protest demonstration by temple devotees also had taken place at Durga Temple of Virginia last night, when a TV interview about the issue was recorded in front of the Rama-Sita shrine. Last week, Forum for Hindu Awakening had received several complaints about this showing to be held along with a panel discussion with the film’s producer Nina Paley. Hindus have found this animation film to be an extremely denigrating twist on their sacred epic ‘Ramayan’. Read more

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Nina Paley, an American Cartoonist, is the creator of the animated film ‘Sita Sings the Blues’ which is available for free viewing on the internet. A devout person cannot begin to imagine what Nina Paley has conjured up and graphically crystallised in this film wherein Lord Ram often kicks Sita…. and walks on her pregnant stomach…. These are only two of the many painful images one must endure. The only reason for watching this absurd film is to make people aware of what a completely false representation this film is of the Ramayan and how it nosedives into taking the issue of denigration to an unbelievably low level.

She states that this story is based on the Ramayan of Rushi Valmiki. But what she has done is take the ingredients of the epic story and give it a meaning which is completely opposite to the truths that the scripture conveys. Unfortunately, this film is being recommended on various parenting websites, for children to watch.

Revolting Scenes from the Film

 ayodhya-destroying-babri-mosque1. False representation :The commentators say that the Ramayana is not as true a     story as the Bible.

 Spiritual fact :

This seems to be an attempt to portray the Bible as being more trustworthy than the  Ramayana. Yes, propaganda to prove Christianity’s superiority over Hinduism. This  movie is part and parcel of the anti-Hindu movement and propagation of Christianity. This movie violates the religious feelings of Hindus. The Government must ban this film.

sita-and-rawana 2. False representation : Ravan was a good king and the only wrng thing that he did  was steal Sita.

(Editor’s comment: Like attracts like and so quite naturally anti-Hindu Nina Paley  supports Ravan.)

 Spiritual fact :

Such remarks show Ms. Palay’s anti-Hindu mentality by demeaning the Hindu Scriptures. For this she must apologise to all Hindus.

sita-organs-like-lotuses 3. False representation : Ravan’s sister tells Ravan about how beautiful Sita is and  says that her breasts are like big round juicy lotuses. Sita is shown wearing a cholie that  reveals her breasts in one outfit from above, and in another outfit from below the blouse.

 Editor’s comment :

Such remarks show her anti-Hindu mentality of criticizing Hindu Scriptures. For this she  must apologise to all Hindus.

Shiva-gives-Ravan-a-thumbs-up 4. False representation : The commentator says that Ravan played the veena for  Lord Shiva with his intestines and He shows Ravan’s intestines tumble out of his stomach  and they play the veena.
(Editor’s comment : Such spiritual ignorance on the part of Nina Paley makes her  seem comical. This harms the religious feelings of Hindus. She should be prosecuted for  this.)

 Spiritual fact :

Actually what is mentioned in the Ramayan is that Ravan’s devotion was such that the 72 thousand nadis or energy channels in his body created a sound (Anahat nada) and this pleased Lord Shiva.

Ram-Sita-dance 5. False representation : Sita sings with her love for Ram in the forest. The words of  her song were… ‘He is not an angel or a Saint and I know that with all his faults, he will  still get by’. Then she imagines carrying Ram piggy back. After that she stands on all her  fours (like a horse or a dog) and Ram is shown sitting on her back.

(Editor’s comment : This is outright insulting to the faith of Hindus and destroys the  reverence for the Ramanyan in children’s minds.)


sita-and-rawana (1) 6. False representation : When Ravan speaks to Sita, she speaks in an uncouth  manner telling him, “Your ass is grass once Lord Ram comes here.”

(Editor’s comment : Why has this cartoonist been allowed to spew out the filth in her  mind and superimpose her nasty foul-mouthed words onto revered deities ?)


sita-were-plenty-jewels 7. False representation : Sita is shown wearing a ridiculous amount of jewellery as the  commentator says she dropped her jewellery to show the way to Lanka when she was  abducted by Ravana. The commentator ridicules the Ramayan by questioning how Sita  had so much jewellery when she had taken up the life of a sanyasi.

 Spiritual fact :

Sita was only in exile. She was not a sanyasi. She dropped jewellery like her ring, anklets and earrings at strategic points on the path.

Bloodthirsty-Sita 8. False representation : One commentator viciously says that one needs to ‘give her  one little tight thing’ for not returning with Lord Hanuman when he came to rescue her.  Another says that Sita stayed back as she wanted Lord Ram to rescue her and defeat  Ravan due to the ego of wanting ‘Her husband’ to be her rescuer and so she is called a ‘  bloodthirsty’ woman and is depicted with blood coming out of her mouth and blood on her  hands.

Spiritual fact :

Sita could not allow herself to be carried by Lord Hanuman as it is a Hindu woman’s Dharma not to be touched by any man other than her husband.

Scared-of-Ravan 9. False representation : When Hanuman reports to Ram about what he saw in  Lanka, Lord Ram begins to sweat and then faints in fear.

 Spiritual fact:

Lord Ram’s arrow never missed its target no matter where the target was. How could  such a Divine warrior who was an incarnation on earth be afraid of a mere demon ?

ram-doubting-Sita 10. False representation : When Lord Ram comes to rescue Sita, he says that she is  impure and unfit to be his wife and that he had terrible suspicions about her character  and conduct to the extent that the sight of her was painful to him. He dismisses her and  ends with the crushing statement, ‘I have no more use for you.’

 Spiritual fact :

Lord Ram was fully aware of Sita’s purity. In addition, the Ramayan states that Lord Ram surrendered Sita to Agni devata and she sent an illusionary form of Sita to Lanka so that the real Sita was kept safe. After the ‘Test by Fire’ that Sita underwent successfully, Agni devta returned the real form of Sita to Lord Ram.

ram-throwing-sita-in-fire 11. False representation : Sita sings a song saying ‘Ram is mean to me’ and Lord Ram  is depicted kicking Sita into the fire at the time of her agnipariksha (Test by fire) and He  kicks her at the time of banishing her from the kingdom. Lord Ram nonchalantly also  walks over Sita’s pregnant stomach

(Editor’s comment : Does the US government allow its citizens to disrespect and  demean other religions ? After being notified about how infuriated the Hindu community is with her film, if the US government does not take any action against her, it will be tantamount to approving of her actions.)




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