Rulers dodge Hindu activists in the name of democracy

A seeker from a Sect went to a political leader to appeal about passing an Act banning cow-slaughter. The leader told him, “There is a democracy in India; therefore, send 10 million letters to me demanding implementation of such Act”. That seeker has been going everywhere meeting people and appealing to them to write such … Read more

True nature of present day elections !

Most of the candidates contesting elections have set goal of winning elections by hook or by crook; without bothering about its effects on nation and Dharma; therefore, people do not have much choice. They then vote for some candidate in the hope that he would be better amongst the worst but they repent later, as … Read more

Begging for votes is very shameful for politicians !

Politicians have to beg for votes. It proves that despite holding power for so many years, they have not done anything for people; because had they done something for people, people would have voted for them without any canvassing. – (H.H.) Dr. Athavale (3.3.2014)

Religious discriminatory policy of the Congress

After the Indian Government, Churches are the biggest land owners. Condemn the anti-Hindu Congress which stays away from the land owned by the churches, but is nationalising the small amount of land belonging to temples !

See the marked difference between the political parties who organise public meetings at the time of elections only, for the sole purpose of getting elected and the organizations like Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and Sanatan Sanstha who undertake public meetings only for the purpose of Nation building and creating awareness of Righteousness !