Practice, ‘What You Preach’

The importance of practicing what you preach : “Intolerance is rising” say some of the Adarsh left liberal Media Journalist, and the actors, and directors, and the academicians. Some ideologies and some individuals are entirely above board and exempt from criticism. Only one set has all the right to criticize everyone, and if someone questions their ideology, it is intolerance.

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The Intolerant Intellectual

Once upon a time they were the elite of India; the same elite, which opted to go on candle-light protests against the 26/11 terrorist attack or Nirbhaya’s gang rape during the Congress regime and leave it at that.

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Fighting the Sepoys of the leftist-evangelist mafia

For over 20 years I have spent my full-time effort defending Hindu dharma directly in the kurukshetra, right at front in the line of fire. I see it as my sva-dharma to be an intellectual Kshatriya, which means intensely researching the big issues we face as a civilisation and exposing the culprits fearlessly.

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India must fine-tune anti-terror tactics

When a major incident of terrorism launched by Pakistani outfits occurs, as on 26/11 in Mumbai, or when there is a near miss as in the cases of Gurdaspur and Udhampur in recent days, the frenetic debate in the country centres on whether to cut off diplomatic dialogue with Pakistan.

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