Practice, ‘What You Preach’

The importance of practicing what you preach : “Intolerance is rising” say some of the Adarsh left liberal Media Journalist, and the actors, and directors, and the academicians. Some ideologies and some individuals are entirely above board and exempt from criticism. Only one set has all the right to criticize everyone, and if someone questions their ideology, it is intolerance.

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The Intolerant Intellectual

Once upon a time they were the elite of India; the same elite, which opted to go on candle-light protests against the 26/11 terrorist attack or Nirbhaya’s gang rape during the Congress regime and leave it at that.

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We Now Have Concrete Proof for Love Jihad

After several instances of young Muslim boys enticing Hindu and Christian girls in Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra and several other parts of the country with the show of wealth and promises of marriage and then, ferrying them to Kashmir and other places, converting them and recruiting them forcibly into Islamist Jihad came to light, concerns at this Love Jihad were raised.

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