So-called devotees use Ramkunda as a swimming pool !

Devotees are coming from all over the world to have holy bath at Rama-kunda during Simhastha Parva. It is, however, observed that the young so-called devotees are using it as a swimming pool. The true devotees are therefore, inconvenienced due to such phony devotees and the local administration is totally ignoring such things.

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Denigration of ‘sadhus’ through advertisement of ‘Maaza’ during Nasik Kumbh Mela

Coca Cola, a foreign company manufacturing ‘Maza’ soft drink has denigrated ‘sadhus’ through its advertisement when ‘Simhastha Parva’ is going on. HJS has written a letter to Coca Cola Company for removal of such arches immediately; and stopping denigration of sadhus. No reply has, however, been received from the said Company. O’ Hindus, oppose at ideological level on the points of principles !

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