RSS’s ideas on preparing priests are actually reinforcing the caste prejudices

RSS’s wonderful decision ! Training Dalit youth as priests !! Performing any ‘vidhi’ is not limited to learning the mantras by rote and then mechanically performing the task. The Sangh has not spared any thoughts to providing Sadhana based schooling for priests; why? Because they themselves lack any Dharmashikshan. ‘Priesthood’ depends upon one’s capacity, sadhana based on one’s Varna will be the norm. – H. H. Dr. Athavale

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Worth Pondering : Where were seculars when millions of Hindus were converted in recent years?

Everyone, who learns about Christianity and Islam : both religions claim that they are the only true religion and all human beings have to follow it, and both also claim that the Creator of this universe has endorsed this claim. Now such claim would be of great consequence, if it were true. However, none of the contenders for the “only truth” provides any proof !

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The Hindu Response – An Yezidi Perspective

Presently we are undergoing our 74th genocide by the Islamic extremists ISIS. Yet this one was different in every way. During this ongoing Genocide which started on August 3,2014. ISIS then took over the city of Sinjar, without facing any resistance from . . . a Yezidi extinguished it with his tears seeing the pain of humanity.

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Rs 10,500 cr remitted by Christian missionaries : Why is opposition mum ?

Now that the opposition has decided to bring up the issue of re-conversions, it would also do well if it debated at length the inflow of money amounting to Rs 10,500 crore that is pumped in every year to Christian missionaries to convert people. As has been noted by Phillip Goldberg, the author of American … Continue reading Rs 10,500 cr remitted by Christian missionaries : Why is opposition mum ?

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