Conversion to Islam raises questions about patriotism : VHP

The VHP on Friday claimed “ghar wapsi” was essential for the “improvement of the nation” and said that conversion to Islam raised questions about the individual’s “nationalism” and “patriotism”. We are not asking people to forsake anything. We want them to reconnect with their ancestors, their culture and traditions !

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SC order says ghar wapsi not illegal – Praveen Togadia

Ghar Wapsi (homecoming) is not unconstitutional, according to a Supreme Court order, and will be continued across the country, Vishwa Hindu Parishad head Praveen Togadia said in Belagavi on Wednesday.He told reporters the Supreme Court, in its 1977 order, had said “Hindu is a way of life”.Those who converted to other religions years ago and are reaccepting Hinduism now is not conversion and they will be welcomed. Our aim is making India as Hindu a country as it was once upon a time, Togadia said.

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