Prevent Cow Slaughter


Pune : Police striving hard to hand over cows and cattle to the butchers

After the implementation of the Act banning cow-slaughter in Maharashtra, cow-protectors saved 65 cow-lineage animals by seizing 10 trucks transporting these animals. However, the Police made efforts to hand over these animals back to the butchers. Cow-protectors made united efforts to save the cow-lineage animals from falling into hands of the Police and effectively, the butchers. Congratulations !

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PMO Pushes for Cow Slaughter ‘Model Bill’

After Maharashtra imposed a ban on the slaughter of bulls and bullocks, the Central Government has now sought opinion of the Law Ministry if it can circulate laws enacted by some states on banning cow slaughter to other states as a ‘Model Bill’ for their consideration to have a similar legislation there.

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