Some ex-PMs ‘compromised’ India’s deep assets : Parrikar

“After all, you have to build deep assets. Deep assets are created over 20-30 years. Sadly, there were some prime ministers who compromised deep assets. “I am not going to disclose names. Many people know,” Parrikar said after releasing a special issue of the Hindi weekly Vivek, on national security. Taunting the Congress for demanding evidence on the issue !

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Digvijay singh

Digvijay Singh is lying about the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits

On the 25th anniversary of the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits, Congress leader Digvijay Singh tweeted: “Kashmiri Pandits were unnecessarily forced to leave the Valley by Jagmohan. Hindus and Muslims lived together for Centuries in Kashmir.” He will find many buyers in the Valley where Kashmiri Muslim separatists and their supporters have been for the last 25 years regurgitating this lie to whitewash the communal stain of the ‘azadi’ movement.

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Retelling the tragic story of Kashmiri Hindus

TRAGIC STORY OF KASHMIRI PANDITS : Twenty-five years is a long time, it’s quarter of a century. So it’s not surprising that popular memory of a tragedy that occurred 25 years ago should have, over the decades, turned sepia. In another 25 years that memory will begin to fray at the edges and over the next 25 years it will crumble into indistinguishable bits and pieces.

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