• (Says), Faith was washed away in deluge !
    (Says), Faith was washed away in deluge !
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    In the deluge, all buildings in Kedarnath region were washed away; but temple has been saved. This has, in fact, made Hindus’ faith stronger. As a matter of fact, why a Christian artist should express anything in the form of picture about Hindus’ religious sentiments?

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  • India is weeping, not shining !
    India is weeping, not shining !
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    this week in Delhi is so sickening that one almost wants to avoid discussing it. Take the easy solution and quickly turn over the page of the newspaper, and move on to a pointless, harmless, anodyne story. Turn off the TV. Try and pretend that not another gruesome rape has taken place in this Capital of ours. Capital of the world’s largest democracy,

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  • UPA working systematically to de-Hinduise India
    UPA working systematically to de-Hinduise India
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    THOUGH as per Mark Twain “India is the cradle of human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grandmother of tradition”, a unilateral war is being waged by anti-Hindu forces to wipe out Hindu religion and Hindu civilization the way other native religions and civilisations have been destroyed in the world.

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  • How modern-day gurus are crucified ?
    How modern-day gurus are crucified ?
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    France 2’s film on Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji by delhi based correspondent Pierre Monegier is highly biased, and is a direct attack on India’s ancient culture. Will Pierre Monegier get away with what he has done?

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  • The Facts of Khajuraho
    The Facts of Khajuraho
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    Many times we find that people often quote the Khajuraho Temples as an excuse to equate Hinduism and Hindu Deities with nudity and sex. What is actually Khajuraho, what does it contain and how many of the quoters have actually visited the Temples ? Here are the facts.

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  • The Denigration of Hindu Images
    The Denigration of Hindu Images
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    Hindu images have been used for every sort of commercialism, from being put on shoes in France to even toilet seats in the US. Hindu sacred chants have been used as the background for erotic scenes in modern movies.

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