Atrocity literature as a tool to defang Hindus and Christianize India

‘Atrocity literature’ : a tool to defang Hindus and Christianize India ! Over the last six decades, perfectly harmonious social equations have been violently disrupted the moment missionaries have succeeded in weaning away enough numbers into the Christian fold. The present condition of almost the entire North East is another classic case. Odisha continues to boil under Church-sponsored and engineered social disruptions. Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu seem all set to follow Odisha’s lead !

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Christian inculturation in Tamil Nadu blasphemes Thirukkural

Inculturation, as a strategy, is planned well and executed meticulously through institutes which are exclusively created for the evil purpose. They operate in educational, social, spiritual and fine arts fields. There are many institutions like “Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth” may sound like a Hindu institution. But the fact remains that it is a Christian Institution blatantly indulging in Inculturation.

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