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Exit Christ ! Exit Conversion !! : V Sundaram
December 17, 2010

The worst aggression, more than physical aggression, is cultural aggression or religious aggression. That is why we say ‘Conversion is Violence’. It is the deepest and most profound violence.”

Noble Rascality of Rahul Gandhi: By V Sundaram Noble Rascality of Rahul Gandhi: By V Sundaram
December 9, 2010

Congress is dramatic towards people and trying to misguide them.But people are not fool to overcome the mistakes done by previous Congress leaders and the existing ones.

Quit India ! Quit India ! Sonia !! Quit India ! Quit India ! Sonia !!
November 26, 2010

The exploited and poor people of Bihar have already given the following clarion call to the country as a whole - oust Sonia Congress ! Let us chase away the foreign female dacoit ! Let us Redeem and Reclaim our country!!

Saboteur General of India or Solicitor General of India for Ex-Telecom Minister A Raja ?
November 15, 2010

Gopal Subramaniam has become the unsought Saboteur General of India (SG) on the one hand and the much sought after Solicitor general of India (SGI) for Union Minister A.Raja.

Paramount Public cry for preservation of India's Cultrual Heritage
November 14, 2010

Today India's Cultural Heritage is diminishing due to careless attitude of Anti-Hindu politicians. Examples of this fact are Collapse of the Rajagopuram and destruction of Sri Ram Setu. We Hindus should fight against it.

Why not the Sacred OM on Secular Indian Currency?
July 12, 2010

The patently anti-Hindu evangelical Catholic Christian Sonia Congress UPA II Government has its own priorities for the aam aadmi of India.

Eruption of Engrabia and the Cultural death of England : V Sundaram Eruption of Engrabia and the Cultural death of England : V Sundaram
May 9, 2010

Britain is paying the legitimate price for all its brutalities and atrocities against the Hindus of India from 1757 to 1947. The nemesis of Britain today is what I call the incurable Virus of ENGRABIA. Here Engrabia = England + Arabia.

A great Sant from Gujarat and Rajasthan : Sant Dadu Dayal
February 22, 2010

Sant Dadu Dayal Maharaj whose Jayanti falls today (22-2-2010) belongs legitimately to this continuous, ancient and unbroken Hindu Tradition. He was a Sant in Nirgun Tradition. He born in Gujarat and spent much of his life in Rajasthan.

Right to Information Without Intimidation
February 21, 2010

Many selfless, dedicated and committed social and political activists have effectively used the Right to Information Act (RTI Act) 2005 to expose the misdeeds and the acts of corruption of public authorities at various levels. But some Activists had got murdered and many are getting life threats.

The Akhand Pakistan dream of UPA and Pa(kistani) Chidambaram : By V Sundaram The Akhand Pakistan dream of UPA and Pa(kistani) Chidambaram : By V Sundaram
February 18, 2010

Recently Home Minister invited militants gone in Pok to come back in Jammu and Kashmir. Is UPA Government and Pa Chidambaram dreaming about the Akhand Pakistan?

Shattered Splintered Deemed Damned Doomed India of Today
January 25, 2010

Tomorrow (26th January 2010) is the 61st year of the establishment of our Republic. The Ship of Indian State seems to be sinking slowly, gradually and irretrievably.

The crux of the problem today in our Hindu Bhumi that is Bharath
January 23, 2010

V Sundaram writes, "The crux of our problem today can be briefly presented in three words: Conversion, Proliferation and Infiltration."

An Andhra writer puts Dussasana to shame
January 16, 2010

Amidst the uneasy and uncertain lull in the Telangana storm, passions in Andhra Pradesh have been incited yet again, this time by an attack on Draupadi by a Telugu writer from Andhra Pradesh.

Judicial imposition of Muslim law on Hindu girl
January 6, 2010

It is a matter of national shame for all the Hindu women of India that the Calcutta High Court on 17 December 2009 granted the anticipatory bail plea of a 26-year-old youth from Murshidabad who had been accused of kidnapping and marrying a 15-year-old Hindu minor girl. One Sairul Sheikh, a resident of Bakultala in Behrampore, has been accused of kidnapping and forcibly marrying a Hindu minor girl called Anita Roy. Anita’s mother Jyotsna had lodged a complaint with Behrampore Police Station that her daughter had been missing since 14 October. On 15 October, she came to know that Sairul Sheikh had ‘kidnapped and married’ her minor daughter.

A cultural Taliban in secular India A cultural Taliban in secular India
January 3, 2010

E Ahmed, Union Minister of State for Railways refused to lit an Oil lamp in recently held function. This Anti-Hindu minister has also banned traditional ways of puja in Railways like coconut breaking, Ganesh puja etc. Are we living in any Muslim majority country?

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