Success of Hindu Unity : 'Singham Returns' to exclude scenes hurting religious sentiments of Hindus. Click here to know more !
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Featured Article Who will save the Hindus?
December 16, 2006

Author: Shri. Milind Gadgil, Senior war journalist

Bhutan has declared 3 lakh Hindus as infiltrators and have been asked to leave the country. No one is ready to take responsibility of these 3 lakh Hindus. The lack of unity among the Hindus is proving to be the cause of the injustice inflicted on them. It is because of the disunity among the Hindus worldwide that they are totally ruined (annihilated). It shall have to faced that all over the world there is no one who will stand up for the Hindus as even in India which is a country where Hindus are in majority, Hindus are at a disadvantage!

Hindu & Hindustan's global trading empire in the ancient times Hindu & Hindustan's global trading empire in the ancient times
October 25, 2007

In the era when modern comforts and means were yet to be discovered, Hindustan had the major share of 40% of the world's international trade. A study of trade and economics will show that the Hindu religion and culture held sway over the world.

Persecution of Hindus in Malaysia !
September 8, 2006

Author : Shri. Milind Gadgil, Senior War Journalist

Gross neglect towards increase in Madarsas!
September 6, 2006

Author : Shri. Milind Gadgil, Senior War Journalist

Conversions law : Hindus must study European HR Commission's case
August 18, 2006

Author ? Senior Journalist Shri. Milind Gadgil

Islamic Conversion in Prisons; an International Conspiracy !
August 15, 2006

Author ? Senior Journalist Shri. Milind Gadgil

When will the Muslims learn to be wise?
July 30, 2006

Author � Senior War Journalist, Shri. Milind Gadgil

Prof. Arnald Toyneby was a world renowned historian. The Indian govt. had invited him to Delhi in 1955 for giving an address in memory of Maulana Azad. Pandit Nehru was present on this occasion and the President Dr. Rajendra Prasad was presiding. Toyneby had chosen 'Cultural repercussions' on account of the conflict between two religions, as his subject. In his speech he evaluated the worldwide religious conflict. Along with he also evaluated the Hindu-Muslim conflict in India. In that he said that the tendency of to destroy the devotional centers of other religions is greatest in the Muslims.

Attack on Hindu Temples Still Continues!
July 19, 2006

Writer : Shri Milind Gadgil , Senior war reporter, Ex- Editor of The Daily Tarun Bharat

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