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British destroyed the science of navigation developed in India ! British destroyed the science of navigation developed in India !
May 26, 2013

There was one ship named ‘Darya Daulat’ in East India Company which was built in India. For 87 years, that ship required no repairs. The British, however, could not stand the knowledge possessed by India in ship-building and imposed restrictions; slowly destroying the knowledge.

Hindus should celebrate Gudhipadwa as New Year! - Dr. Samant
January 1, 2008

Mumbai (Maharashtra): National spokesperson of the HJS, Dr. Durgesh Samant stated to-day that according to Hindu religion the New Year Day should be celebrated on Chaitra Shuddha Pratipada.

Need for developing pride for Hinduism Need for developing pride for Hinduism
May 14, 2007

Today we are viewing our religion, national issues, invasions and history all with the coloured glasses of a socialist. That is precisely why we need to develop respect and pride for the Hindu religion. We need to look at the issues and the world with the religious perspective, Only if viewed with the perspective of the Sanatan Hindu religion then will the individual and the nation be saved.

Why we need to exhibit photographs of Hindu genocide? Why we need to exhibit photographs of Hindu genocide?
May 11, 2007

Some of you will wonder why we need to exhibit such photographs of Hindu genocide at all. Some of the reasons are quite obvious while others are not and the importance of these reasons varies from person to person. The Chancellor of Germany Gerard Shroeder when attending a memorial meeting spoke thus to the survivors of the ‘Auswitz’ concentration camps, on its 60th anniversary, "All these bitter memories are a part of our nation. The people of Auswitz are trying to convey the message to us to remain vigilant at all times."

Govt. should take over neglected temples in rural areas
February 3, 2007

To extract maximum money from temples, the Govt. is now planning to convert them into tourists' spots. Therefore, in the coming times, Hindu temples will become museums and their religious status will be secondary. - Dr. Samant, National Spokesperson, HJS

'Christianity breathing its last in Europe - HJS' national spokesperson
January 13, 2007

Dr. Durgesh Samant, the national spokesperson for Hindu Janajagruti Samiti while talking on scheming missionaries, expressed that the churches in Europe are deserted, as youth is not getting any guidance. It is the sign of Christianity breathing its last in Europe.

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