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Third anniversary of HJS website celebrated with great zest

August 8, 2010
Ashadh Krushna Trayodashi, Kaliyug Varsha 5112

Blessings of Saints to HJS Website on the occasion of its 3rd Anniversary website website

Pune(Maharashtra): Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS)’s website, which has become a due to its activities related to the ray of hope for all devout Hindusextensive goal of Hindu unity and protection of Hindu Dharma, celebrated its third anniversary in the presence of patriotic and devout readers at ‘Ajinkya Mangal Karyalaya’. Realizing that the present condition of the ancient ‘Sanatan Hindu Dharma’ that used to thunder ‘Krunvanto Vishwam Aryam’ can be changed only with bringing in revolution in thought process, the website of HJS has become a ‘light-house’ for Hindu scattered all over the world as it is engaged in creating awareness among Hindus and uniting them. In today’s era of electronic evolution, the HJS website, explaining the greatness of Hindu Dharma, imparting training to Hindus on matters related to Dharma and motivate them to follow ‘Dharmacharan’, is laying the role of a ‘Dharma-Guru’ for the curious (jidnyasu) Hindus. Moreover, ‘Hindujagruti’ is also playing the role of a protector of Dharma by publishing the information about and promptly protesting the attacks on Hindus all over the world and their objects of worship. It works as a guide to all those who have gone away from their Mother-land to pursue their jobs or professions etc. and inspires them to be active.
From left Mr. Avinash Kolhatkar, Mr. Ramesh Shinde and Mr. Dadasaheb Bendre lighting the Holy Lamp
From left Mr. Avinash Kolhatkar, Mr. Ramesh Shinde and Mr. Dadasaheb Bendre lighting the Holy Lamp

‘Hindujagruti’ has been very effectively performing the task of bringing together the modern multi-faceted world through the medium of its website for the past 3 years. This has resulted in bringing together permanently, Hindus living in various countries including in Muslim nations.
Chief guests on the dice
Chief guests on the dice
The enthusiastic audience
The enthusiastic audience
Chief guests viewing HJS success
Chief guests viewing HJS success

The chief guests of the function were Mr. Avinash Dharmadhikari, the former Indian Administrative Officer (IAS), Senior Advocate Dadasaheb Bendre, retired Captain Avinash Kolhatkar and Mr. Ramesh Shinde, the spokesperson of HJS for the States of Maharashta and Gujarat. The program began with lighting of lamp by Mr. Dadasaheb Bendre followed with publishing of the website by retired Captian Kolhatkar by pressing a ‘key’ of the computer. A short film on the drive undertaken by HJS to prevent denigration of ‘National Flag’ was also shown in the program. The messages received from H. H. Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale, Sanatan Sanstha and Sanatan’s Saint H. H. Pande Maharaj were read out in the program.

Active members of the website were felicitated on the occasion. Mr. Yadnesh Sawant, the representative of the website presented a review of the activities of the website. He said, “Currently, there is no effective medium either at State or Nation level that staunchly presents interest of Hindus. The same is the story even at international level. Considering the above, HJS started this website and it has now become a trustworthy site for Hindus. The website could achieve the target of having a lakh of readers within a short span of time. News about denigration of Hindu Deities are published on the website so also support is extended to pro-Hindu organizations and their leaders by publishing proper views against efforts to defame them. The site has undertaken many signature drives against various attacks on Dharma and Nation connecting millions of Hindus to this ‘Dharmakarya’. Hindus all over the world have been participating in its activities right from their offices or while performing worldly duites even from home during all 24 hours of the day. Hindus from different countries have sent their good wishes for today’s program; but the key to the success of this website is the grace of God.

Speeches of Dignitaries

Knowledge of Hindu Dharma has reached Hindus all over the world through HJS website ! – Mr. Ramesh Shinde

Mr. Ramesh Shinde putting forth some facts
Mr. Ramesh Shinde putting forth some facts

Hindu Dharma is the Universal Dharma. Swami Vivekananda had explained the importance of Hindu Dharma at the World Conference on different religions. The respect and love for the Dharma is on decline due to the influence of western culture. HJS has been able to spread the knowledge of Hindu Dharma with the help of this website. M F Husain, who has been drawing indecent paintings of Hindu Deities under the name of freedom of expression, was getting support till recently; but the website has brought forth the true colours of M F Husain. Drive to prevent denigration of ‘National Flags’ was undertaken at various places and sale of plastic national flags has been stopped. The work, that is supposed to be done by the Government, is being done by us. Four members of HJS were beaten up by the police in Pune for taking part in this drive. Nobody bothers to protest when in Pakistan the ‘National Flag’ of the country is displayed in inverted manner; but those who are trying to stop insult of the National Flag are beaten up.

We must tell the world that Hindu Dharma is the world conqueror ! – Mr. Avinash Dharmadhikari, Ex-IAS Officer

Mr. Avinash Dharmadhikari speaking to the audience
Mr. Avinash Dharmadhikari speaking to the audience

Hindu Dharma is the only Dharma that teaches us that a part of God exists in every human being. This Dharma is all encompassing. There is no other Dharma in the whole world which is more principled. The true trength of this Dharma is that it is Comprehensive. We must explain to the world that Hindu Dharma is the only Dharma that can conquer the world. The above views were expressed by Mr. Avinash Dharmadhikari, former IAS officer. A function was held at Pune to celebrate the third anniversary of the website of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) viz. which has created a glimmer of hope among all devout Hindus due to its aim of Hindu unity and protection of Nation. Mr. Ramesh Shinde, the spokesperson of HJS for the States of Maharashtra and Gujarat was also present on the occasion.

The soul of Hindustan is Dharma ! – Mr. Avinash Kolhatkar, Retd. Captain

Mr. Avinash Kolhatkar addressing the crowd
Mr. Avinash Kolhatkar addressing the crowd
The soul of Hindustan is Dharma. The soul is said to be very powerful; but nobody refers to this country as Hindustan. God punishes those who forget themselves, their souls. Swami Vivekananda had said, “There are 50% women in this country and 50% impotent Indians; because we have become slaves of money. Our country is most indisciplined. Pakistan has 90 atom bombs, USA has 5000 and India has only 70. There is unrest in Kashmir, Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. Our borders are not integrated. Army is used for any
purpose. We talk about fighting a war but are we capable? We are only concerned about Tendulkar, Shahrukh Khan and Raakhi Sawant. How many people are feeling bad about the conditions in Kashmir, asked Shri. Avinash Kolhatkar, retired Captain.

Feel proud about HJS ! – Mr. Dadasaheb Bendre, Senior Advocate

Mr. Dadasaheb Bendre expressing his views
Mr. Dadasaheb Bendre expressing his views

I felt good to see the campaigns started by HJS on its website against attacks on Hindu Dharma and Nation. Words have to be associated with action. The problems related to Bhagyanagar and Junagad were solved due to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel; but the problem of Kashmir still persists. Are we only going to compromise every time? Has our nature become like that? I feel proud of HJS who dares to say ‘we must fight against denigration of Hindu Deities’.

Advocate Bendre assures support of Advocates Association

Adv. Bendre said, “We run the organization of advocates.  Our organization will extend legal support to HJS whenever it is required in future. There is a law that National Flags should not be made from plastic or paper but it is not implemented. HJS has been continuously creating awareness in the matter. If the Government does not pay attention this year, we will take the matter to court next year.


1. About 150 youth attended the program.
2. A reader of the website from California called up to wish and said that although he could not be present physically, he was there mentally.
3. Many devout readers had come from Raigad, Jalgaon, Beed, Nagpur districts
4. Many IT engineers were impressed with the website and expressed interest in taking part in its activities as also requested for guidance.
5. The display boards on the activities of the website for past 3 years were attracting attention of all.
6. The program was advertised through internet; therefore, the organizers were being contacted  frequently by devout Hindus to enquire about the program.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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