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Impose ban on Sanatan – demands Shantaram Naik in the Rajya Sabha

December 4, 2009
Margashirsha Krushna Dwitiya/Trutiya, Kaliyug Varsha 5111

Panaji (Goa): Mr. Shantaram Naik, a Congress MP has demanded in the Rajya Sabha (the Upper House of the Parliament) that Sanatan Sanstha involved in Margao bomb blast should be banned under the clause 3 of Prevention of Disruptive Activities Act, 1967. The above news was published in local newspapers. (Anti-Hindus damaged idols of Hindu deities in 30 temples in Goa. Mahanand Naik from Ponda committed 17 murders but the Government took no action. Has Mr. Naik ever raised queries on these issues in the Upper House? – Editor SP)

“Police have the proof of Sanatan Sanstha’s involvement in incidents of violence and creating religious hatred among people. Police should file charge-sheet against Sanatan. If various publications of Sanatan are checked, more than 100 charge-sheets can be filed against Sanatan under different clauses of Indian Penal Code, said Mr. Naik. “Sanatan’s main office is in Goa, besides it has many branches outside the State and 4 branches even abroad. There is a website of Sanatan as also newspapers published by it. The information published through these mediums would not be accepted by any secular mind in this country. The persons, who died in the bomb blast in Mudgaon and who were arrested in that connection, were all associated with Sanatan Sanstha. The police have concrete evidence of Sanatan’s involvement in the bomb blast. This organization is misleading many women under the name of spirituality. (Mr. Shantaram Naik should at least give one example of Sanatan misleading women; in fact, hundreds of women are practicing spirituality under the guidance of Sanatan and are leading happy life ! – Editor SP) Many organizations and people from Ramnathi have been demanding imposition of ban on Sanatan Sanstha.”

Mr. Naik also accused Goa BJP of supporting Sanatan; but Rajiv Pratap Rudi, BJP MP and other MPs took a strong objection to the above accusation.

[This is injustice to Sanatan !

Every activity of Sanatan is undertaken in lawful manner within the purview of the law. Neither the police nor the judiciary have so far accused Sanatan of its involvement in Mudgaon bomb blast, creating rift among people of different religions or for any other reason. Police have never announced to any media persons about getting concrete evidence of Sanatan’s involvement or informed even Sanatan about the same. Even then making such kind of accusations by Naik is a deliberate injustice done to Sanatan’s patriotic and righteous activities.- Editor SP ]

We do not support Sanatan but have objection to accuse Sanatan without conducting inquiry – BJP

Panaji (Goa): Shantaram Naik, MP in Upper House of the Parliament from Goa gave a speech in the Upper House demanding imposition of ban on Sanatan Sanstha. The statement made by him that BJP has extended support to Sanatan in case of Mudgaon bomb blast is totally baseless. BJP has never supported Sanatan on the issue of Mudgaon bomb blast; but it has objection to the competition going on among Congress leaders to accuse Sanatan from the day one without conducting any inquiry. The above clarification has been given by Govind Parvatkar, BJP spokesperson in a press release published by it.

….else people would not leave him without blackening his face !

It has been further stated in the press release that nobody should interfere in legal matters. BJP is against the policy of Congress to hang someone without conducting inquiry. BJP leaders have published their views on the issue in the newspapers from time to time, but Shantaram Naik suffering from BJP allergy has always indulged in spreading hatred towards BJP. Naik should not tell lies and accuse BJP else people will blacken his face when time comes.

(Thanks to BJP for putting forth the truth before the citizens about Congress leaders accusing Sanatan without any reason ! - Editor SP)

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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