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Muslims oppose Pramod Mutalik's arrival and speech

February 28, 2009
Falgun Shuddha Trutiya/Chaturthi

By Staff Reporter

Hasan (Karnataka):
Dharmajagruti Sabha is being organized by Hindu Janjagruti Samiti (HJS) on 28th of this month in Hasan and Shri. Pramod Mutalik, President of Sriram Sena is going to be one of the speakers for which the Muslims from there are opposing. An application is submitted by ‘Jay Karnataka Sangh’ District Minority section to the Collector requesting him to disallow the speech by Shri. Mutalik. It has been mentioned in the application that Hindus, Christians and Muslims in Hasan were having friendly relations. Under the name of Dharmajagruti there might be criticism on other religions and they might be abused in the Sabha. (Unnecessary accusations by Muslims! In the HJS Sabhas the truth regarding the condition of Hindu Religion is put before the public to create awareness among them to make them active; but if Muslims are referring to this as ‘Criticism on other religions’ then they might speak the same if anyone tries to criticize Azmal Kasab! – Editor) 

News that Shri. Pramod Mutalik would be speaking in the said Sabha on 28th is being spread among the public. Shri. Mutalik is against other religions, he is instrumental in creating tension among various castes and his speeches are very srong/explosive. (Shri. Mutalik is staunch Hindu and Nationalist. Of course the Muslims who do not care for the killings of Hindus in Kashmir in such large numbers, not speak a single word regarding the terrorism in the name of Islam and supporting it secretly on the contrary feel that Shri. Mutalik is their enemy is quite natural. One need not be surprised about it! – Editor)

There are many accusations against him for breaking the law. (Imam Bukhri of Jama Masjid, Delhi also has many accusations against him. Would  the Muslims oppose him too if he were asked to give a speech in Hasan on 28th? – Editor) He is bannished from the District recently by the Collector of Mangaluru. Such a person to give a speech here is like promoting terrorism. (Muslims should be ashamed for calling a proud Hindu a terrorist! O, Hindus create such an image of your own in this country that no one would ever dare to say anything against any Hindu leader! - Editor)

The Collector should not allow such a speech creating rift among various castes. (When Muslims rape Hindu women no tension is created among the various castes; but if Hindus just mention anything in its connection then the Muslims express fear of tension. This is only called terrorism. O Hindus, teach them a lesson when staunch Hindus would take the reins in their hands in the coming elections! – Editor) Permission should not be granted to such a public speech. (All the Sabhas held by HJS are always peaceful. If the Government wants to have a peaceful Sabha at Hasan then it should take hold of the Muslim giving threats first! - Editor) 

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