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Jagdguru Narendra Maharaj backs up Sanatan Sanstha

October 24, 2008
Ashwin Krushna Ekadashi

Muktainagar( Maharashtra): You want to ban Bajrang Dal and VHP and want to breast feed SIMI? How come Sanatan Sanstha is accused of bomb blasts?If such accusations go on then we are ever ready to come on to street. If Hindu organizations are attacked and banned like this then I will always be behind them as Hindu Dhrma and fulfill my mission of working for the sake of Dharma. Sanatan has My strong backing. Thus said Jagdguru Ramchandracharya Narendra Maharaj at Muktainagar,Jalgaon District. He was addressing a huge gathering of 7000 devotees at the ground besides Navin Mukatai Temple here.

This Darshan Sohala was inaugurated with the re-entry of 601 converted Christian  families into Hindu Dharma. Uptill now H.H. Ramananda  Acharya has taken 50853 Christian families back into Hindu Dharma  amongst the chanting of holy verses from Vedas and purifying them after atonements. Praising Sanatan’s work he said, “ Sanatan’s mission is excellent and praiseworthy. The good work always encounters opposition. But that should not deter you from performing the work of Hindu Awakening or Hindu organization.

If they impose ban on the Sanstha then all Hindus will come on the road to vehemently oppose it. They would be shown their place in the coming elections. They are appeasing for the sake of votes. On one hand the terrorism is thriving and on the other hand they are throttling the Hindus. We respect the Law, are tolerant and hence we are pressurized”.

He said further , “ Sanatan Hindu Dharma is on decline. Besides Bharat where  else can we find Hindu  Dharma? Yes it was there in Nepal but this  year The King of Nepal even refused application of vermillion (kumkum). Therefore we should not  have such  empty boasting that  Sanatan Dharma would rule the world  but  I would rather say that Hindu Dharma is in danger and hence all Hindus should get united. Hindus should listen to the Hindu religious leaders and should establish their own vote bank otherwise their massacre is definite. We will help  only that candidate  from Gram Panchayat to Delhi who will work for the cause of Hindus . We need not see his religion or political party”.

While commenting about the present condition of the religious heads of Hindus , he said, “ Hindu religiouos heads themselves are responsible for the current state of Hindu Dharmw. There are eight Religious heads of Hindus consisting of four Shankaracharyas and four Ramanadacharyas. They have the responsibility of Hindu Dharma on their shoulders. But they are entangled in the rituals and are not willing to come out of their Maths and Ashrams. They do not give currently necessary guidance to the people. They do not reach the masses. Even when organizing there is obstacle as to whom should the credit go. We are trying to establish a pressure group spreading from Kashmir to Kanya kumari . This will pressurize the politicians and make them listen to the Hindu demands.”

Speaking about Sanatan’s  work Maharaj Said, “ Pleas convey  to H.H. Dr Atahvale that Sanatan’s mission is praiseworthy.  It should go on .The good work always encounters opposition. We all Hindu brethren are with you.”

Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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Comments (1)

Dilip Dombivalikar, India (Bharat)
15 May 2012, 18:45
Purification of Hindu Dharma is need of time.There are many rituals (pratha) ,which have remained for name sake.Temples are 'operating' on commercial basis.Example: Coconut offerd to God are 'recycled' and sold in market again,instead of making prasad and offering to all bhakt.Many temples need through cleaning and are very much inhygenic.Big pendals and decoration is ok ,but hardly any body attains aarti -this is a fact.Can you initiate any action on such things ? On the other side Chruches and Masjids are very clean !
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