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Sikhs Threatened to Embrace Islam or Leave Kashmir Valley

December 9, 2013

Margashirsha Shuklapaksha 7,Kaliyug Varsha 5115

Sikhs are the largest religious minority in Kashmir

Srinagar, India : In the Kashmir Valley, Sikhs have been recently told to pack up and leave if they do not embrace Islam and help to stand up for the local civilians.The minority Sikh community of 60 000 in the area have been sent letters warning them to leave or join the local protests as Muslims.

The All Party Sikhs Coordinate Committee (ASCC), has addressed its concern regarding the anonymous letters being sent to various Sikh members in a number of areas in the Kashmir Valley.  At a meeting held by Jagmohan Singh Raina, the coordinator of ASCC, stated that the Sikh community has decided to stay put and fight against the threatening letters instead of fleeing.  They will fight to keep their homes.

Raina quoted a letter saying, “When you are enjoying the joys here, why can’t you share the grief and sorrow of Kashmiris as well? We know you are afraid of bullets… Hold protests inside gurdwaras or leave Kashmir.”  He also added that some of these letters have asked Sikhs to embrace Islam or leave the city that does not belong to them.

Raina addressed the issue to both factions of the Hurriyat, JKLF, and PoK-based United Jihad Council to take the seriousness of the notes into account and to take measures to avoid a continuation of such notes in the future.

Source : Chakra News

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Comments (4)

A. Agarwala, United States of America
21 Dec 2013, 04:57
My request to Sikh brothers and sisters is to please fight for another 7-8 months, entire hindus of India will be with you and behind you in this fight. After
7 months you can even expect the entire govt. machinery with you in this fight. Things are not so hopeless any more.
surendraullal, United States of America
17 Dec 2013, 00:27
This is just not the fight of the Hindu=Sikhs of Kashmir. The entire Hindu community of India must challenge this threat and answer those hooligans appropriately standing side by side with their sikh brethren. Earlier when it happened against Hindu Pandits of Jammu and Kashmir, shamefully Hindus of , India remained silent and saw the murder, rape and looting of Hindu properties and sacred places. When Our brother Sikhs have shown their courage to face the Islamic threat, Hindus en masse should support Sikhs and fight the violent Islamic hoards and teach them such a lesson in such a way that this hooligans should be silenced for ever. JAI HIND.
anand m saxena, United States of America
16 Dec 2013, 05:39
This is incredible. It is a shame that our government did not take steps to protect Kashmiri Brahmins when they were thrown out from their homeland. Now the same store is being repeated with Sikhs. What will it take for the government to send forces to protect law-abiding citizens from murderous mobs?
sahani, United States of America
15 Dec 2013, 19:58
ONe billions Hindus with no nation and no one is talking about its future .Its shame.
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