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Message of ShivJayanti

February 18, 2007

Shivaji Maharaj slaying Mogal Sardar Afzal Khan
Shivaji Maharaj slaying Mogal Sardar Afzal Khan

Greatness of Shivaji Maharaj!
"Kasihki Kala Gayee, Mathura Masid Bhaee; Gar Shivaji Na Hoto, To Sunati Hot Sabaki!" - A contemporary poet named Bhushan

Meaning: “[Kashi has lost its splendour, Mathura has become a mosque; If Shivaji had not been, All would have been circumcised (converted)]”

Message of ShivaJayanti

Wake up Hindus! Be Kshatravir of Hindu Dharma!

Practice Kshtradharma Sadhana: Spiritual Practice of Protecting Seekers and Destroying Evildoers!

Hindus! Remember these incarnations of Auragnjeb!

» Denigration of Sriram & Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj on Orkut
» "Even Shivaji and Hanuman were terrorists!" - Adv. Shahid Azhmi
» Anti-Hindu students disfigure painting of Shivaji Maharaj
» Muslims oppose poster of temple destroyer Afzal Khan's slaying!

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Comments (10)

nilesh thakare, India (Bharat)
07 Aug 2012, 17:06
मी एक हिंदू असल्याचा अभिमान आहे.
bhushan bakshi, India (Bharat)
21 Jul 2012, 15:12
Shivaji Maharaj Ki Jay
Reshabh gadekar, Canada
18 Jul 2012, 20:52
shivaji maharaj makes every india & maratha proud
vikram bhatkande, India (Bharat)
09 Apr 2012, 18:31
jay hindu rastra
Vaibhav Patankar, India (Bharat)
30 Mar 2012, 09:14
हिंदुंच्या जयघोषाणे उमलले शिवरायांचे कडे!

हर हर महादेव म्हणुनी शत्रुवर तुटुनी पडे॥

शिवशंभुच्या नावाने शत्रुंची छाती धडधडे!

आठवुणी ती वाघनखे, वरती अफजल आजही तडफडे...॥
NILESH PATIL, India (Bharat)
25 Mar 2012, 18:43
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