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Will ensure rights of Muslims even if EC hangs me : Khurshid

February 11, 2012
Magh Krushna 4, Kaliyug Varsha 5113

Sticking to his stand on minorities, Congress leader Salman Khurshid has said he would ensure the rights of Pasmanda Muslim community even if the Election Commission “hangs” him.

Addressing an election rally in Khatakpur locality on Friday night, the Law Minister said that EC had censured him, but even if the “Commission hangs him or does anything else”, he would ensure that people of Pasmanda community get their rights.

“Can’t I even say that Pasmanda Muslims would get their due?” he said, adding that Congress was set to hoist the tricolour in the state Assembly after 22 years.

The Commission had censured Mr. Khurshid for his remarks on sub-quota for minorities, finding them to be a violation of the model code of conduct for elections.

Mr. Khurshid, while campaigning for his wife Louise, a Congress candidate from Farrukhabad Assembly constituency in Uttar Pradesh, had promised the electorate last month that the party would increase the sub-quota for minorities to nine per cent, out of the 27 per cent Other Backward Classes (OBC) reservation.

The EC order had come on BJP’s complaint about Mr. Khurshid’s remarks, asking the Commission to take action against him for violation of model code of conduct.

Source : The Hindu

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Comments (7)

Isty Narayana, India (Bharat)
20 Mar 2012, 22:32

I demand EC to kindly xxxx him, as demanded. Already, he was kicked out of the State. Now, see the outcome. The congress was also kicked out of UP. The same story will repeat in next country wide general elections. Will strive hard to kick out the congress from power. All these eunuchs are ruling us, it is shame on us.
Chidanand, India (Bharat)
15 Feb 2012, 12:10

I Second your thoughts but How?
Subramaniam Swamy is right in his every word. Donations to the temples in Crores could be used for at least "Sanskrit Vidyalayas", the only language that can unite us all.
Chidanand, India (Bharat)
14 Feb 2012, 18:57
Chullu bhar pani me doooooob maro.
Such traitors have already divided Bharat. He must be dragged into the court for such Un-constitutional statement.
Gurudutt Kamath, India (Bharat)
12 Feb 2012, 16:26
Hindus are themselves fragmented into various castes, sub-castes, linguistic groups, regional groups. How can you expect such idiots to unite as Hindus?
Dilip govindji, United Kingdom
12 Feb 2012, 07:21
All the hindu intellectuals, sadhus, sadhvis, prominant hindu leaders what are you there for. This is not a puppet show for this is real life show for the conversion of hindustan or bharat into islam. now is the time wake up now. Some of the greedy hindu leaders are selling the country and allow misery and more misery worst than slaves. ONe example is already there bengal giving a green light for urdu language.
Dilip govindji, United Kingdom
12 Feb 2012, 07:14
Shut him down completely for what are the hindus waiting for. Wake up,wake up, wake up now is the time. right is right and wrong is wrong. Milk is milk and poison is poison. What do you all hindus want to drink milk or poison. Time is now otherwise india is on the brink of breaking up into pieces. The minorities have put fear in the minds of the hindus why ? Let them show that adamant and fear on the hindus is that what you all want. We all have to fight because they are only to islamise the Bharat completely. I hope HJS take firm and instant action. We hindus are already suffocated of this congress government, hindu minds cannot think what is right or wrong. Why do we have to suffer
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