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Money from beef trade keeps cow slaughter going in Ahmedabad

November 29, 2011

Margshirsh Shukla 5 ,Kaliyug Varsha 5113

O Hindus, please remember that Gujarat is a state ruled by Narendra Modi and BJP. Even though cow slaughter is banner here, Muslim gangs are still involved in such illegal cow slaughter. This underlines the need of the unity among Hindus and establishment of Hindu Nation !

Ahmedabad (Gujarat): Cow trafficking and slaughtering is going on uninterrupted in the state despite it being banned. Interestingly it is the money earned through beef trade that is keeping this business alive- thus keeping alive the vicious circle.

The trade is done using SUVs, pilot vehicles, tranquilizer guns and mobile slaughter houses. According to Gau Rakshaks, who keep a watch on all the major roads to nab cow traffickers, gangs from Juhapura, Bapunagar and Danilimda are actively involved in stealing cows and selling their meat illegally.

"They target cows wandering on open roads in the night, and tranquilize them suing tranquilizers. These gangs use Tata Safari and other SUVs to either conduct a recce or carry out piloting of the truck in which cows are loaded," said Nagji Desai, a Maldhari leader.

"A single cow can get them more than Rs. 10,000 and thus gangs are well funded through such trade and can afford to put in so much efforts to capture cows from the city," said Desai.

After tranquilizing the cows at midnight, the piloting SUV then informs the truck parked at some distance from the spot.
The piloting car also makes sure that no police presence or any other is happening around the area.

Three to four people immediately put the cow inside the truck and follow the piloting car which leads the truck to the slaughter house.

"The truck reaches there at around 2am in the night. The efficient butchers slaughter the cows before 4 am, pack the beef into the trucks and send it to the market. By morning 6am, the beef is already there in the market," said Desai.

To escape the police and alert citizens, butchers have found a new way to slaughter cows.

Their modus operandi came to light after raids at slaughter houses in Juhapura and Sarkhej area recently.

In three separate raids in Juhapura area in September, police found out that slaughtering happens in open grounds. Instead of permanent shops, the butchers are building temporary huts on open grounds.

"These temporary slaughterhouses are on the rise in Juhapura area. They are built on open grounds which are inaccessible and hard to find," said SM Parmar, PSI at Sarkhej police station, who conducted raids.

According to PSI TD Machhar, such open slaughter houses are growing as they can keep a better watch on police.

"If they do it in a shop or cramped market places, they won't have too much space or time to escape. But, when on grounds, they can flee easily," said Machhar.

Source: DNA

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