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Hinduism Summit (Hindu Dharmasabha) awakens Melbournians

May 24, 2011
Vaishakh Krushna Saptami, Kaliyug Varsha 5113

Hinduism Summit (Hindu Dharmasabha) awakens Melbournians to Hindu concepts and issues

Mr. Atul Dighe while lighting the Holy Lamp
Mr. Atul Dighe while lighting the Holy Lamp

Melbourne (Australia) :
On Saturday, 21st May 2011 (Vaishakh Krushna Chaturthi  5113 as per Hindu calendar)  the Union hall at the La Trobe University, Melbourne reverberated with the auspicious sounds of conch blowing and Vedic recitations, commencing the much awaited second Hinduism Summit (Hindu Dharma Jagruti sabha) in Australia. Eminent speakers, Pandit Abhay Awasthi of the Hindu Community Council of Victoria, Mr. Vamsi Krishna of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation & Mr. Rohan Mehta were honoured for their selfless service to Hinduism. 

Mr. Rohan Mehta addressing the summit
Mr. Rohan Mehta addressing the summit
Mr. Vamsi Krishna addressing the summit
Mr. Vamsi Krishna addressing the summit

The speakers spoke to an attentive audience in the hall and the audience viewing the online live webcast with a lot of concern for the current state of Hindu Dharma and also the uniqueness about it. They listened raptly as Mr. Rohan Mehta opened the presentations, highlighting the current state of Dharma. He spoke passionately about the need to stop rampant denigration of Hinduism and proposed practical methods to learn about denigration and stop it. Mr. Vamsi Krishna inspired the audience to consider spiritual measures in resolving issues facing the Hindu community, through SSRF’s spiritual research video footage showing the power of Saints and subtle negative forces. He shared how Sanatan Dharma forever has been a living entity, providing guidance to sattvik life, good conduct and value of life and knowledge of life after life. It is not Hinduism that needs awakening. What needs awakening today, is our inner consciousness. He encouraged everyone to join, support and enhance the work done by the Forum for Hindu Awakening.

Mr. Atul Dighe concluded the presentations with emphasis on Hinduism education and spiritual measures to overcome issues facing the Hindu community and to experience firsthand the unique science underlying Hinduism concepts and practices.

On this auspicious occasion, Pandit Abhay Awasthi also inaugurated a Souvenir on understanding, living and preserving Hinduism.

 The following resolutions were passed at the Hindu Dharma sabha:

  • The Victorian state government should provide support for opening Hindu schools for the community.
  • Hindu awareness programs should be introduced in Australian policy makers' offices to create understanding and sensitivity towards Hinduism.
The Hinduism Summit concluded with the speakers answering questions from the members of the press and the attendees, on the direction ahead to understand, live and preserve Hinduism. The Dharma Sabha’s other highlights, such as the exhibition of a spiritually vibrant idol (murti) of Lord Ganesh, an eye-opening exhibition of Dharmik books and spiritually pure products, pictures of Hindu Deities attacked in the gross by ghosts, and seekers who had become Saints within a span of a few years doing spiritual practice as per Hindu principles, kept the interest of the attendees long after the Dharma Sabha concluded. Majority of the attendees expressed their desire to acquire education on Dharma.

Source: Our Correspondent

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