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First Hinduism Summit in Canada highlights the science of Hinduism !

April 11, 2011
Chaitra Shukla Ashtami, Kaliyug Varsha 5112

From Our Correspondent

Inauguration of the Hinduism Summit by lighting the auspicious oil lamp
Inauguration of the Hinduism Summit by lighting the auspicious oil lamp
The Hinduism Summit was started with recitation of Vedic mantras
The Hinduism Summit was started with recitation of Vedic mantras
Attendess at the exhibition of Spiritual books
Attendess at the exhibition of Spiritual books

Over 50 questions about Hinduism from a 200 strong audience, with 65 of them online, made for a lively Hinduism Summit held today by Forum for Hindu Awakening (FHA) at Sri Vishnu Mandir in Toronto. The answers by the speakers highlighted the unique science of Hinduism, the need for Hinduism education and specific spiritual measures to augment Hinduism preservation efforts. The audience applauded appreciatively as question after question was pertinently answered. Some of the questions answered were: Are my tattoos of Sri Ganesh and Sri Krushna a form of denigration of these Deities? I understand from your video that to get predictions from a pendulum it needs to be charged, how to charge it? How can we get a law passed that will ban religious conversion?

Presentation by Bhavna Shinde of FHA
Presentation by Bhavna Shinde of FHA

During the concluding presentation, Smt. Bhavna Shinde of Forum for Hindu Awakening (FHA) explained how the red dot worn by Hindu women enhances concentration, as a practical example of the science of Hinduism at work. She drew attention to the recent nuclear radiation in Japan and the power of the Agnihotra sacrificial fire, as one of the many solutions Hinduism offers for current problems. She added that while religious organizations are struggling to grow their youth base, FHA has experienced that the unique science of Hinduism is naturally attracting the scientific minded youth of today. She reminded that while we may be affiliated with different causes for the Hindu community, whenever there is any assault on Hinduism, we must unite to preserve this glorious Dharma.

Mr. Dewang Gadoya, a Hinduism supporter, reminded the audience of Adi Shankaracharya’s words that Dharma is that which brings worldly progress of every being, causes progress in the spiritual dimension and keeps the social system in excellent condition. Mr. Gadoya educated the audience about what is denigration of Dharma, and how to protest it successfully. He stressed that only if Dharma is persevered in the face of dangers can humanity be preserved.

Dr. Doobay awarding the Vishwa Hindu Ratna award to Ms. Kristen Mandziuk of SSRF
Dr. Doobay awarding the Vishwa Hindu Ratna award to Ms. Kristen Mandziuk of SSRF

Ms. Kristen Mandziuk from Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF), shared how the assaults on Hinduism have physical and psychological aspects, but most important is the spiritual component. Her videos showed SSRF’s research on the vibrations emitted by people, power of prayers detected by biofeedback machines and healing ability of Saints’ handwriting. Dr. Bhartendu Srivastava, another speaker, felt that in a tolerant country like Canada, the main issue facing the Hindu community is the lack of lobbying. He added that Hinduism’s vast literature needs to be made available in English for Hindu children raised here. Pandit Roopnauth Sharma spoke passionately on maintaining a Hindu identity in Canada by being clear about Hindu beliefs and working towards Hindu representation in schools, hospitals, etc.

Dr. Doobay, spiritual leader of the Sri Vishnu Mandir, published an insightful souvenir in the tradition of Hinduism. The souvenir was distributed to all attendees to commemorate the Summit. He remarked that Hindu temples should be not only centers of Hindu worship, but also of Hinduism learning.

Sattvik Ganesh idol on display
Sattvik Ganesh idol on display

The Hinduism Summit concluded with passing of resolutions by chanting aloud ‘Har Har Mahadev’. These resolutions will be submitted to the Canadian government, to investigate the ongoing human rights violations against the Hindu and minority communities in Bangladesh, and to declare Diwali as a statutory holiday across Canada.

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