Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha at Uran

Magh Krushna Shashthi, Kaliyug Varsha 5112

It is our duty towards Dharma to follow ‘Dharmacharan’ ! – Mr. Manoharsheth Bhoir

Inauguration of Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha by lighting a Samai (an oil lamp)

Inauguration of Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha by lighting a Samai (an oil lamp)
From Left : Mr. Bhoir; Mrs. Nandini Surve, Sanatan Sanstha; Dr. Uday Dhuri, HJS

Uran (Maharashtra): We should be proud of our Dharma and our culture. It is our duty towards Dharma to follow ‘Dharmacharan’. Our Dharma is under attack through different media. We Hindus will now forget about our caste, creed, party and post etc. and oppose the various attacks. The above appeal was made by Mr. Manoharsheth Bhoir in the Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha held recently on the grounds of Sree Shanteshwaridevi Temple at New Sheva. The ‘sabha’ was organized by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and was attended by about 200 devout Hindus.

Dr. Uday Dhuri of HJS and Mrs. Nandini Surve of Sanatan Sanstha also expressed their fiery thoughts in the ‘sabha’. Mr. Yogesh Thakur presented a review of HJS activities. The ‘sabha’ was compeered by Mr. Alhad Malgaonkar and was concluded with singing of ‘Vande Mataram’ by Miss Shilpa Uthale and Miss Ramani Gadkari.

Feedback :

1. Mr. Shailesh Ramchandra Bhoir, New Sheva – The activities undertaken by you have appealed to me very much. Hindus should be imparted ‘Dharmashikshan’ in Hindu temples like followers of other religions are trained in matters related to their Dharma.

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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