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Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha at Belur, Karnataka

February 9, 2011
Magh Shukla Shashthi, Kaliyug Varsha 5112

From Our Correspondent

Inauguration of Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha by lighting a Samai (an oil lamp)
Inauguration of Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha by lighting a Samai (an oil lamp)
From Left : Mr. Harshavardhan, HJS; Mr. H G Nagesh, Editor, RUTVIK Magazine; Mrs. Suma Manjesh, Sanatan Sanstha

Belur (Karnataka): Hindu Dharmajaagruti Sabha was held here on 30th Jan 2011 in the Sri Sri Swami Samudaya Bhavan. The event began with the blowing of the conch and recitation of Vedic mantras as scheduled at 5 pm. Editor of monthly magazine ‘RUTVIK' Mr. H G Nagesh inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp.

From Left : Mrs. Suma Manjesh, Sanatan Sanstha; Mr. H G Nagesh, Editor, RUTVIK Magazine; Mr. Harshavardhan, HJS

Speaking on the occasion Mr, H G Nagesh said, “Hindu dharma is not something that can be destroyed by giving money or some other material benefits. If it is destroyed by these then it is not Hindu Dharma at all.” He further highlighted the greatness of Hindu Dharma by saying “Hindu Dharma is the only religion that tells about pure soul principle and how to attain it. The other religions refer to the subtle body itself as soul”.

Mr. Harshavardhan speaking on behalf of HJS told the audience about the internal and external dangers that are posing a threat the very existence of Hindus and Hindu Dharma at present. He called upon the Hindus to get prepared to devote time for the safety, security well being and true progress of the Nation and Dharma. He also drew attention to the Karnataka government’s undemocratic demolition of Hindu temples in the state. Speaking on this he told that the Karnataka government had already demolished about 250 Hindu temples and has listed totally about 5000 for demolition.  He urged Hindus to unite and protest against this.

Mrs. Suma Manjesh spoke representing the Sanatan Sanstha. She detailed the activities that the Sanstha has been conducting for the spread of the Science of Spirituality in the society since from the time it was founded till now. She expressed resentment and voiced her protest against the fact that such an organization was being targeted by the government and Anti-Hindu elements which are trying to label it as a terrorist organization. However, despite all this the Sanstha has come out untarnished and this speaks volumes for the good work done by the Sanstha. Regretting the present state of Hindus in the country she said “It is most unfortunate that today anyone who does anything for Hindutva today is looked upon with suspicion as if he is a criminal.” She called upon the audience to refute such false accusations and stand up for saints and organizations that are working for the cause of Hindutva and Hindus.

Miss Shruti did the compeering. 150 persons were present for the event.


1. Most of the audience stayed till the meeting ended
2. A devout Hindu said “Samiti volunteers are really striving hard for the Nation. I will always provide support and co-operation to the activities of the Samiti
3. A devout Hindu expressed great appreciation of the fact that many of the volunteers of the Samiti are women and they too are striving for the cause of the Nation and Dharma

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