Basics about Hindu Dharma

Why are Tulsi leaves used while offering Naivedya, Why is Kumkum offered to Durga Devi, Significance of mango leaves in Kalash, Why Ghee lamp is preferred over Oil lamp, etc

Hindu Gods

Significance of the form of deities, how to worship a particular deity, science underlying the idols of deities, various names of a particular deity and their meanings, significance of various weapons used by deities, etc

Hindu Festivals

Spiritual science behind celebrating a festival, how to celebrate various Hindu festivals and supporting videos, how to get maximum benefit by celebrating a festival in spiritually correct manner.


This explain various facts in Hindu Dharma like why do we light lamp in front of deities in the evening, why should men apply tilak on forehead, what is the benefit of applying kumkum as opposed to bindi, requirement of a specific design and length of necklaces from spiritual point of view, why are glass bangles preferred over plastic bangles, etc

Hindu Rituals

Importance and how to perform Shraddha

Vowed religious observances

Sankashtichaturthi vrat for fulfillment of wishes, Ananat Chaturdashi Vrat, Jyeshtagouri Vrat, etc

4 Varna System

‘Righteousness (Dharma), wealth (artha), desire (kama) and the Final Liberation (Moksha) [धर्मार्थकाममोक्ष] are the four pursuits (purusharthas) of human life according to Bharatiya (Indian) culture. The system of stages of life (ashrams) explained in the Vedic religion is the principal means of attaining them.


Spiritual significance of Rangoli, rangoli design associated with each deity principle

Supreme God, God, Incarnation and Deities

How are deities associated with various organs in Human body, does law of karma apply to incarnations?, Why does God not assume an incarnation as soon as unrighteousness begins to grow, etc

Introduction to Spirituality

What is the recommended form of spiritual practice in Kaliyuga, How to arrange deities in the temple at home, What is permanent happiness and how to obtain permanent happiness i.e. bliss, various misconceptions regarding spirituality, etc


Basic concepts and Importance of Ayurveda