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Shri Ganesh
(Sattvik Picture of Shri Ganesh by Sanatan Sanstha)

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O Hindus! Be Hindus by Action!

During the period of Ganesh Festival stop evils from entering into the festival and do maximum chanting of 'Om Gan Ganapataye Namah' to get real benefit of the festival. Hindu festivals are not just for social gathering but for faster spiritual progress (to gain the grace of the Lord) !

Denigration of Ganesh Idol !

Ganesh drawn by MF Hussain

Shri Ganesh with Football in Hand
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Anything which is in consonance with the scriptures proves to be ideal and beneficial. If the idol of Shri Ganesh is sculpted as per the science behind the idol then those worshipping it are benefited. Unfortunately today, idols are worshipped in various forms and shapes based on one's liking and imagination without taking into account the science behind the idol. This is resulting in the denigration of Shri Ganesh.

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Extreme Insult of Lord by Common Hindus !

See the shocking Picture: Bulldozers collecting parts of Ganesh idols made up of Plaster of Paris one day after Immersion. Will the Lord ever bless the devotee who worships Him in a way that hurts the Lord Himself and results in His extreme insult? The image is on BBC's website. Click here and see 'Seventh' Image: Image

Evils in festival

  • Extravagent decoration
  • Water polluted by immersion of plaster of Paris statues
  • Scaring decorations
  • Lewd songs and vulgar dances
  • Noise pollution
  • Advertisements of addictive substances
  • Participation of anti-social elements
  • Extortion of funds
  • No programmes of Righteousness or Nation building
  • Domination by politicians
  • Gambling and drinking liquor within the pandal
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How to celebrate festival in an ideal manner?
(Do's and Don'ts)

Following things should be there

Following things should not be there

1. House and decoration
A. Importance to Shree Ganesh first, then secondary importance to decoration.
B. Cleanliness, saatvic decoration, so also everybody should collectively prepare for pooja with devotion.

2. Idol
A. Made of clay and painted with natural colours
B. Seated on a platform
C. Made according to the science of idols

3. Religious rituals
A. Preparation of puja after purification to maintain the sanctity.
B. Everyone should remain present and experience the divine

4. Aarti
A. Selective and with devotionful aarti.
B. Prayer and chanting after aarti.

5. Prasad (offering)
A. Chanting while preparing prasad.
B. Taking prasad in a queue peacefully.

6. Procession
A. Disciplined,with chanting and concluding on time.

7. Immersion
A. According to the science immersion in flowing water.

1. House and decoration
A. Expensive lighting and decoration and a gaily decorated frame of thermocol.
B. While watching entertainment programmes on the television.
C. Listening to desireless songs during preparation

2. Idol
A. Plaster of Paris and big size.
B. Of strange attire (e.g soldier,saint etc)
C. Made out of items like coconut, bananas, utensils.

3. Religious Ritual
A. Children's noise and chatting during rituals
B. Not remaining present at the time of ritual.

4. Aarti
A. Long aartis and in loud tone.
B. Laughing and making fun during aarti.

5. Prasad
A. Chatting while preparing prasad.
B. Crowding during taking of prasad and teasing.

6. Procession
A. Slow paced procession, alcohol, forcible application of gulal.

7. Immersion
A. Donation of idol and throwing from a height.


Defamation of Shri Ganesh by MF Hussain

Shri Ganesh by MF Husain Ganesh and Vyas Muni by MF Hussain
Shri Ganesha welcoming for
Hussain's exhibition
Denigration of Vyasa and Shri Ganesha

Note : Information given in this Ganehs Festival section is interpretation of knowledge given in various Hindu scriptures such as Ganesh Puran, Ganapati Atharvashirsha, Ganapati Stotra etc.