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Dear Hindu Brethren,

Nowadays, Hindus are often being humiliated by Politicians, Muslims and Christians. Also, some of the organizations related to dalits, which instead of promoting welfare of dalits (who are also Hindus), are spreading hatred about Hinduism. Bharat is a secular country, but politicians support the minorities and adopt anti-Hindu policies.

Even though Hindus have a majority, population wise, they enjoy a secondary status in Bharat. This is because most Hindus are not aware of the various on-going conspiracies to destroy their existence. The so-called secular media does not report, but on the contrary, suppresses such facts!

If we wish that this situation should change, then we need to awaken Hindus and make them aware of such facts and gear them up for action. Thus, the need to start a Cyber Activist Group.

We need to stand united to save the Hindu Dharma and culture. The Internet is the best medium to reach the youth. You can join our group of Hindutva Supporters, if you wish to actively participate in this noble task.

We do not mean to attack any religion or group, but our aim is to unite. United, we can spread this message to the masses.

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