Insult of Mother India by Hussain

Hussain displays his naked Bharatmata painting on his website

The Bharatmata Painting Debate on CNN IBN : The Highlights

The Painting was displayed at the following link : ( see image no 23)

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has displayed this image openly on its website so that Hindu brethren become aware of the blasphemy done against their Religion and Nation.

An interesting comment by HJS Site Visitor

Even the painting of bharatmatha is missing a large portion of Kashmir. It is more like an Indian map drawn by a Pakisthani , rather than by an Indian. - Kiran

Published on page no. 23 of the weekly, INDIA TODAY (February 6,2006 issue) is an advertisement about the Global Auction of "Mother India"!. This advertisement states For the first time an International Web Art Auction (for more details visit or call 09841022477, 981204883) will be combined with a live countdown across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Singapore and London in aid of ACTION INDIA for its efforts of the reconstruction work in the earthquake affected areas across Kashmir.This advt. is titled as ART FOR MISSION KASHMIR' and what it actually contains is a painting of Mother India by M F Hussain as a naked woman in an exposed position with the names of Indian States on various parts of her bare body. Not only does the image show Mother India in a manner hurting to the proud citizens of India, but it also shows her hand, a part of North Kashmir Chopped off or invisible!

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Due to protests by Hindu Janjagruti Samiti and VHP, Hussain apologised(?), but no apology letter has yet been received officially. Nafisa Ali the Social Activist claims that the painting is sold, whereas Sharan Apparao the Auctioner says that the painting has been withdrawn! 1 billion Indians and Hindus in particular have been fooled by this gang. Besides, Hussain has now displayed the naked painting of Mother India on his own website, a shameful act after all these events. This clearly shows he has no respect for the Sentiments of devout Hindus and Indians. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti will not rest in peace till this modern Gazni is put behind the bars.

After Naked Bharatmata Husain Painted 'Rape of India'

MF Husain's painting 'Rape of India' on Mumbai Blasts
displayed in ‘London Art Gallery’
Nude 'Bharatmata' Painting by MF Husain

Why should we protest against Nude Bharatmata painting ?

  1. Representing India as a woman being raped, is nothing but terrible denigration. For an Indian, 'Bharat Mata' (Mother India) is a Goddess and not some figurative concept and showcasing her in this manner is highly outrageous and a completely unacceptable form of denigration.

  2. It would be appropriate to ask MF Husain if he would have dared to make a similar painting had there been an attack on the UK, the UAE or Qatar and named it the 'Rape of UK, UAE or Qatar' ? (Husain has recently become a citizen of Qatar)

  3. What is MF Husain's sick fascination for having sex with animals ? Why does he repeatedly superimpose his dirty minded eroticism on Deities ?

  4. Why has he split the canvas in half ? Does he want to suggest that India will spilt ? Why this divisive implication that India will crumble under attack ?

  5. Why has he painted the blood that has been spilt in the colour green ? And also the two bulls with green faces. The offenders of the cowardly terrorist attacks that India is facing, are the people who are symbolized by the colour green, and not the other way around. Does he expect the Islamisation of India ?

  6. India has been wounded by innumerable terrorist attacks. Instead of expressing her pain, MF Husain has humiliated her and has added insult to her injury by showing her being raped and that too with the perverted suggestion of an animal straddling her and of a man pulling at her blouse and staring at her breast.

  7. If MF Husain is truly an artist (as claimed by the artist community) and that all his thoughts about being outraged by terrorism were genuine, then why does he not paint others being nude and having sex with animals ? But as we have observed he depicts only India and Hindus in this manner.

  8. Thus, for these reasons this painting is unacceptable to an Indian and it hurts and rapes our sensibilities.

Some questions we need to ask ourselves !

  • Why do intellectuals and the art world continue to applaud MF Husain's perverted endeavours and still paint him as an 'artist' ?

  • Has the collective mind of our social elite plummeted so deep, that on the one hand it puts men like MF Husain on a pedestal and on the other, summarily rubbishes a call for purity and feelings of national pride ?

  • That we are actually debating this issue and not taking immediate action against MF Husain is the very reason why India has been attacked for centuries and has instead only been hospitable to our invaders. Do we still want to continue to function in a manner that does not even recognize an assault on our collective consciousness in the form of this obnoxious painting ?

What you can do ?

As this is gross disrespect to Bharatmata everybody should register their protest with the Government and compel the Govt. to book him for this huge offense.

  1. Send the protest letter immediately to the Government to book him for hurting our National sentiments and to withdraw all his Padma awards and in addition initiate a court trial of this anti-National individual.
  2. Form a group or personally lodge a Police complaint with this news that has been published in newspapers.
  3. Force quick action from the State Govt., local MP, MLA and public representatives.
  4. Write letters to Art gallerias not to exhibit any of his work.
  5. Write to local newspapers and News channels about the incident so as to create awareness.
  6. Create awareness through the internet via Emails, forums and Blogs.
  7. You may print this page and distribute it amongst your friends, relatives and general public.
  8. Boycott all his supporters for example Hotels displaying his paintings along with newspapers and TV channels that support him.

Special appeal to Advocates - File court cases against Husain in your local courts and intimate us upon doing so.
Special appeal to Journalists - Do not be mute spectators of this despicable imagery of the 'Rape of India'.
Special appeal to the artist community and art gallery - Boycott MF Husain from your community and send your protest letter to Government and don't display MF Husain paintings in any exhibition.

अब भी जिसका खून ना खोले, खून नही वो पानी है ...चंद्रशेखर आज़ाद

What does Shri Rahul Iswar feel about this painting ?

Shri. Rahul Iswar ji is the grandson of former chief priest of Sabarimala temple, Kerala.

Husain claims 'Rape of India" is a response to terror attacks in Mumbai. 

  • In America there were terrorist attacks, would he paint the Rape of America in this fashion ?
  • In Pakistan, terrorist attacks occur as regularly as twice a week, why doesn’t he paint the Gang Rape of Pakistan ? 
  • Holy Mecca was attacked by terrorists once, will he dare paint the Rape of Mecca ?  

HJS Letter to Kerala Government

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